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New to healthy living? Advice from Richard founder of Fresh Start

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running with a tyre at the Fitness holiday Thailand

running with a tyre at the Fitness holiday ThailandHere at the Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Thailand Boot Camp we take exercise and healthy living very seriously, what you should drink, how to stay motivated and how to introduce fitness safely into your life are all important to a healthy life style.

Are you new to exercise and healthy living? If you are here is some advice from Richard Thomas from the Fresh Start Fitness Holiday bootcamp in Thailand.

Introducing gradual changes for healthy living

Even light exercise can be beneficial to improving your life quality and length. Start off gradually with a 20 minute walk each day, even this amount of exercise can burn calories and strengthen your heart. As you start to find the 20 minute walk easier, you can increase the time you walk, increase the distance and eventually start to change that walk into a casual jog. If walking isnt your thing then try team sports, racket sports, aerobics, swimming and cycling. The trick is to find something you like and enjoy and which can be incorporated into your daily routine.

If you join a gym, make sure it is on the way to work or home, you will be more likely to use it if it on your main routes, not a dog leg and easy to avoid!

As well as small changes with the way you excercise, you also need to make small changes with the what you eat and how you diet. For instance, swapping full fat milk for semi skimmed or fruit snacks in place of chocolate one, easier said than done! We should think of weight loss in terms of life change, permanent changes in diet can lead to healthier ways of living. You should not think of a healthier diet lasting a week or a month but lasting a life time. The secret is small manageable steps.

Weight loss and energy

We all know that our body’s use food for energy, it stores any excess energy as fat in our body cells. This means that if we eat more than we expend or our body needs for daily activities, we gain weight and fat. In order to lose weight we need to get our body to use up those stores of fat. The easiest and most effective way to do this is simple. Reduce the amount of calories we eat and increase the daily amount of activities we carry out, weight loss is measured in terms of diet(what we eat and the amount we eat) over the amount of exercise or daily activity we carry out. Try to listen to your body and only eat when you feel hungry, don’t eat out of habit or feeling you have to. This is one of the thing people have lost touch with, listening to thier inner voice. Try to eat in a peaceful environement with no distractions. This is because you tend to eat more when you are not focused on your food. So don’t eat with the television on. It’s also a  good idea to eat slowly and take your time enjoying each mouth fall.

Motivation is all you need

In order to stay motivated and enthusiastic, you need to include activities that you enjoy and have fun doing. Try exercising with friends, join a running or cycling club or a gym. Set your self new challenges to keep your self stimulated and above all keep at it!

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To your very good health

Richard co founder of the thailand fitness bootcamp

Richard Thomas Co-founder of the Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Thailand


Richard Thomas

Richard runs the fitness holiday bootcamp at the Spa Health Resort with his wife Louise. They have been running boot camps for nearly 5 years in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand. They live at the Spa Resort with their 2 young daughters Summer and Bonnie.

Guests come from all over the World and it is a great way to meet like minded people.

They have a varied and exciting program. Sessions include circuit training, aqua, power walks, pilates, yoga, Muay Thai, cycling and much much more.

Their program gets rave reviews click here to be taken to their programme page.

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