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Christmas Fitness Tips

Here are some of our Top Christmas Fitness Tips. Many of us try to keep our selves fit and active but, like me, can get into a bit of a rut and start to do the same old workout routine. To stop us becoming a bit disenchanted and stale in our ‘keep fit’ efforts over

Vitamin c

Vitamin C Facts

Why we need Vitamin C Vitamin C is a form of sugary acid that is water soluble and is most commonly found in citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables and is a staple ingredient used to fortify foods. This super vitamin is a familiar childhood supplement and one of the most important for our continued wellbeing.

How To Burn Fat With Boot Camp Style Fitness

How To Burn Fat On Bonfire Night

How To burn Fat Our Top Two Tips For Bonfire Night Its Halloween and Firework night all in a space of seven days. I don’t know about you, but with kids and trick or treat I have a habit of consuming far too many sweets and candy bars. Couple the over indulgence of candy and

team games October 2013

Amazing results at the fitness holiday in Thailand

David Bells Amazing results after 7 days at the Fitness Holiday in Thailand   Here are David’s amazing before and after photos from his 7 day fitness holiday in Thailand. David attended the boot camp with his wife Lynne and her brother John Turtle. John attended our bootcamp holiday 2 years ago when he was

we give out boot camp guests a healthy apple snack each day

10 apple benefits and why they are the perfect health snack

Visitors to Thailand come for a variety of reasons for business, for the culture, to visit friends and family and of course to experience the wonderful Thai food. Travelers to Thailand love the wide selection of fruit which is plentiful and diverse. The tropical climate is perfect for the growth of  these fruits including apples. 

Top 10 healthier Life Tips

10 top healthier life tips We all live in a world that requires us to work longer, faster and better. So here are a few tips that will help you live a healthier and long existence. Just small changes in your life such as a little exercise, change of diet or having a laugh with

Kate’s awesome Thailand fitness boot camp holiday transformation.

Kate’s attended our Thailand Fitness Boot camp holiday at the Luxury Spa health resort in Chiang Mai Thailand and got amazing results. Her before and after photos speak for themselves. What an incredible transformation and it just shows what you can achieve in just 7 days. The body is an amazing machine and will respond

Ways to get healthier and happier from Thailand camp

What Can I Do To Relieve Stress

  We are all looking for quick fix’s to make us happier, more balanced and relieve stress. Many of our guests ask us ‘what can I do to relieve stress?’So here are 7 tips to relieve stress, protect your brain and balance your emotions. We have put together a combination of dietary and activity ideas.

July 2013 guests who gave us brilliant fitness holiday boot camp Thailand reviews fitness holiday

Fitness Holiday Boot Camp Thailand Reviews

I can’t believe it is August already and our next boot camp holidays are fast approaching, my time fly’s when you are having fun! Our July 2013 fitness camps were a great success with amazing fitness and weight loss results. Remember our camp is not just about weight loss. Many of our guests come because

Richard doing his Royal Marines Arctic training

Royal Marines Arctic Training

Greetings from the Fresh Start Fitness holiday Boot Camp in Thailand. Hello and many thanks for reading my blog. My name is Richard Thomas and i am the programme designer and co founder of the Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Boot Camp in Thailand. At the age of 17 i trained as a Royal Marines Commando.


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