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Fitness Retreat December 2012 Amazing Results

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Low rope course at the fitness retreat

Fitness Retreat Low Ropes

December 2012 Fitness Retreat Boot Camp saw another great turnover of guests, ten in all and from all over the globe. We saw boot campers from the UK, Denmark, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia traveling too our luxury Spa resort Boot camp, Chiang Mai to get fit, lose a few pounds, have some fun and make new friends.

Fitness Retreat testimonials From our December 2012 Guests

Here are a few of the comments from our December 2012 Boot Camp.

“Loved it, just the right level of challenges to really push me without breaking me! I feel fitter than ever and have had a lot of fun”.

“Great experience, well thought out food menu. The raw food restaurant is one of the main reasons i signed up. Instructors were wonderful, motivational, responsible and highly skilled. Attracts international crowd, 5 stars”.

“Great choice of activities with perfect execution and with good food and a wonderful ambiance, it’s been a great

fitness bootcamp group members December 2012

December 2012 bootcamp group


“This was a challenging week for me but i’m glad i did it”.

“Both instructors were wonderful and a lot of fun, they knew their stuff”.

As well as having a great time our Boot campers also saw some amazing weight loss and fitness goals achieved. You will never be bored on the Fresh start boot camp as there is something for everyone and you will never have the same day twice.

Boot Camp Results for December 2012 Fitness Retreat

David lost a staggering 4.3kg and 2.6% of his overall body weight. He also lost 4cm from his waist and improved his bleep test result by over one level, going from 10.6 to 11.5, amazing what only 7 days of good clean exercise and some healthy eating can do!

Abigail lost massive 3.9kg and 1% of her overall body fat. She also lost a whopping 3cm from her waist and 2cm from her legs and 1.5cm from her arms. Great results i think you will all agree.

Daniel lost a huge 3.6kg and 2.5% of his overall body fat. He also lost 2.5cm from around his waist and added 11 more press ups to his final fitness test score, going from 36 to 47 press ups in a minute.

Buffalo Field team Games

Buffalo Field team Games

Raj lost a huge 2kg and an amazing 4.2% of his overall body fat. He also lost a mind blowing 6cm from his waist line, just case in point to what regular exercise and a few food choice changes can do.

lost a staggering 3.2kg and 2.7% of her body fat. She also lost 2.4cm from around her waist and 2cm from her legs.

We would like to congratulate all our December 2012 boot camp guests who all achieved similar results to the ones above, they all showed anything is possible when you have a sense of humor and a positive out look on life. Life is for living after all.

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Here is the link to our fitness bootcamp testimonial page.

Happy new year

The Fresh Start Team

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