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Fitness Holiday Boot Camp Thailand Reviews

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July 2013 guests who gave us brilliant fitness holiday boot camp Thailand reviews fitness holiday
July 2013 guests who gave us brilliant fitness holiday boot camp Thailand reviews fitness holiday

July 2013 boot campers

I can’t believe it is August already and our next boot camp holidays are fast approaching, my time fly’s when you are having fun! Our July 2013 fitness camps were a great success with amazing fitness and weight loss results. Remember our camp is not just about weight loss. Many of our guests come because they want to kick start their fitness again or improve their current fitness levels and many just want to do an intensive fitness program, because they just love to exercise. I wanted to share our fitness holiday boot camp Thailand reviews from July 2013. Social proof is really important when you are booking a fitness holiday bootcamp. There are so many to choose from and everyone claims to be the best. Here at Fresh Start we continually strive to be the best and to bring you the very best trainers and training techniques  from the fitness World. So here is what our happy camper said this month!

Fitness Holiday Boot Camp Thailand Reviews July 2013

What an excellent week with Nick as a perfect training leader, I want to come back in August!- Graham Stephenson from Hong Kong.

Great mix of activities, great personalities from all- Darek Mitchell from China

I found it challenging and thought exercising all day would be to hard for me , but once I cut it down I found it manageable and actually really good many thanks!- Sam Sellers from the UK

I thought there as a lot of variation and great challenges. I learned quite a few new exercises to take home. Having the aqua lessons at the end of the day was excellent to allow stretching and relaxation.- Trisha Kastelein from China

The cross fit was excellent. team leader is great. Good healthy food and great massages. A very good experience!-Lauren Hannan from Australia

An excellent week with Fresh Start, great mixture of exercises and activities- Valerie from Dubia

The week was great and I enjoyed the team atmosphere. I loved it!- Bobbie- Jane Skewers from Bangkok

I really enjoyed all the activities, instructors were awesome. Everything was taxing physically and mentally but the team supported me and afterwards I feel I’ve really accomplished something- Demi Sri Hartati from Singapore

I had a great time , this fitness experience has boosted my fitness level. Awesome leader , always smiling and knows how to push everyone. I will definitely recommend the program to others. I loved it all thanks!-Angela Woods

Here is the link to our fitness holiday boot camp Thailand reviews from the past 4 years. Fresh Start Testimonials.

Some of the fitness and weight loss results from July 2013

Our biggest male losers were Darek who lost 5.7 kilos and Darek lost 5.2 kilos in 7 days!

Our biggest female loser was Valerie who lost 4.2

The person that lost the most Cm’s from his waist was  Graham who lost 8 Cm’s in 7 days!

Mike did 14 days and his fat % went from 13.4% to 10.3%!

We had some great sit up results at the end of the week Darek did 77 sit ups in two minutes.

Graham did amazingly well on his burpess, he did 31 in one minute.

Here is Lauren’s video testimonial.

Please feel free to connect with us on the comment box below, it’s nice to get feedback and please feel free to share your fitness and health stories with us.

Warmest wishes

Louise Thomas

From the Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp

The Spa health resort

Chiang Mai






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  1. It looks great. I think Chiang Mai is a great place for such program. Keep up with good work!

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