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2014 New Fitness Class Tips

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It’s the start of the New Year and 2014 has some great new fitness classes for you to try. I have listed some of the hottest

2014 New Fitness Class Tips

below, guaranteed to transform your over indulged Christmas body’s for ever!

Speedflex. The new cross training. This form of training reduces micro tearing of the muscles, so you will not get as much muscle soreness the following day and be able to continue training. This high intensity interval training is based around a free motion bar, where the more force you apply to it results in more force being pushed back against you from the machine. You can expect to lose between 800 to 1200 calories in a 45 minute session. Take a look at for more information. Check out an example of a great cross training session.

Sandbells. In weights from 3kg to 12kg they are a cross between a sandbag, dumbbell, grip bag, medicine ball and kettle bell. You can slam them down on the floor; smash them against a wall or heave them above your head, great for circuit training and boot camp style workout routines. Because the sand moves around inside the sandbell you get a different workout every time, this in tirn shocks your body and increases weight loss. You can burn 300 calories during a one hour session and tone your arms, legs and core to the max.

Anti-Gravity Yoga. YogaThis super back correcting style of Yoga requires a harness which looks a bit like giant baby bouncer. Some recent converts to this space style yoga include Gwyneth powthtrow who say that it allows them to get into advanced inverted poses that other exercises can’t reach. You use the anti-gravity devise to do yoga, Pilates and dance style moves which relieves compressed joints and aligns the body so that you can stretch further. This style of Yoga is great if you suffer from a bad back or aching joints. Visit for your nearest class.

Essentrics. If you want to burn 276 calories in 30 minutes then this Pilates inspired work out is for you. This exercise routine is based on stretching muscles before strengthening them in the elongated position to create longer, leaner, more toned shape. It claims to make your waist thinner, stomach flatter, legs leaner and bum more toned with one month.

Barrecore. This is a hybrid of Pilates and ballet with cardio, light weights and isometric movements set in the ballet studio with use of the famous barre, hence it name, Barrecore. A one hour session should shift between 500 to 600 calories in a one hour session.

If none of these state of the art new regimes sound attractive, go for a nice jog instead, oldest and most proven form of shifting the Christmas flab!

To your very good health
Richard Thomas
Fresh Start Fitness Holiday Thailand.

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