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Incredible Fitness and Health Tips.

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pull a tyre a great fitness and health tip

Hello everyone, we here at the Fresh Start Boot Camp love to hear about fitness and health
tips and factoids. We have listed a few below to get you thinking, enjoy.


According to scientists, having a good laugh or sob can be good for your health. Studies in Japan have indicated that bringing on the water works or chuckling to your favourite comedy can boost your immune system which wards off those unwanted colds and flus and shake off the effects of stress and depression. So let it all out and feel better. Our boot camp is a great way of getting fit and having no end of laughter and fun. Here is a great article on the importance of laughter from the Guardian news paper. Click here .

2.Treadmill Sense.

A flat treadmill set on zero is not the same as running in the park. Even a setting on 2 percent will introduce a forward compulsive component which forces you to work harder and closer to simulating real running. You can’t get better than a run in the open fresh air but, if you have to use the treadmill then think about the gradients. If you can alter the percentage on a regular basis your heart will thank you. You won’t find a treadmill here at the Fresh Start boot camp but we do loads of amazing walks through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.


Burn fat, improve you fitness quickly and lose weight fast by introducing interval training. If you work out on the treadmill or step machine then set it on the interval programme, this is where your speed and gradient change automatically from minute to minute. This makes your heart, cardiovascular system and muscles work harder. This makes your cardiovascular workout more interesting and you get better results in a shorter amount of time. If you run, cycle or walk outside then try using the lamp posts or time 1 minute for a short high energy blast, you will notice your fitness improve in next to no time at all.


Before you start your exercise routine, think about your core, that’s your back and stomach area. Your core will stabilise and maintain posture and prevent injury. Try to do them at the start and end of your workout. If you have time enrol into a Pilates or Yoga class. These classes are great at creating a super strong core and bringing you peace of mind.

5. Our last fitness and health tips is ”Mix it up” best until last.

You should always mix your work out up into cardiovascular and weight baring exercises. As we get older our muscles become

pull a tyre a great fitness and health tip

Tire Pull with the number one bootcamp!

less fibrous, so we need to do some weight baring exercise. These weight baring exercises can be weight training with free weights or weight machines at the gym. You can also use body weight only exercises such as press ups, sit ups, Plank and squats.

If you want to remain toned and firm then you need to include muscle resistant exercises in your routines.




Richard co founder of the thailand fitness bootcamp

Richard Thomas

We hope you have found these fitness and health tips useful and informative. Thanks for reading.

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Richard Thomas

Creator of the Fresh Start

Thailand fitnesss bootcamp program

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