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team games October 2013

Amazing results at the fitness holiday in Thailand

David Bells Amazing results after 7 days at the Fitness Holiday in Thailand


David after his fitness holiday in Thailand

David after

David's before photo from the Fresh Start thailand fitness holiday

David before

Here are David’s amazing before and after photos from his 7 day fitness holiday in Thailand. David attended the boot camp with his wife Lynne and her brother John Turtle. John attended our bootcamp holiday 2 years ago when he was 50 and lost an incredible 5.3 kilo’s with us. The boot camp transformed John’s life and he has gone on to take part in regular fitness and has significantly changed his diet to a much healthier one. John’s story and experience had inspired David and Lynne so much that they decided to join him on his second trip to see us. After the boot camp Lynne said ” Better than I ever expected. Tough but have leaned and seen so much in such a short time. Thank you!”

Here what David had to say about his fitness holiday in Thailand in the video below and check out his amazing stats and photos. David lost a huge 6 kilo’s which is 13.22 pounds in just 7 days with us! His cardio vascular fitness improved as he went from level 6.5 to 7.2 on the bleep test. He lost 2.6% body fat and 5cm’s from his waist. His fitness results also improved doing 36 sit ups in 1 minute on day one to 53 on day 7, burpess in 1 minute went from 13-18 and press ups in 2 minutes from 23-25.

team games October 2013

David and his fellow bootcampers October 2013

Out side traidos

David , Jaran our leader and Steve outside Traidos cardio tennis center

david flipping the tyre team games

David flips the tyre

David at the elephant camp

David with the elephants!

Kate’s awesome Thailand fitness boot camp holiday transformation.

awesome thailand fitness boot camp holiday transformation

After Photo

Here is Kate at the start of her Thailand fitness boot camp holiday experience

Before Photo

Kate’s attended our Thailand Fitness Boot camp holiday at the Luxury Spa health resort in Chiang Mai Thailand and got amazing results.

Her before and after photos speak for themselves. What an incredible transformation and it just shows what you can achieve in just 7 days. The body is an amazing machine and will respond really well to a completely clean and healthy diet and a challenging fitness regime.

Here is what Kate achieved in just 7 days.

Weight Loss: 3kg

Body Fat % Loss: 8% (Start 17.3% – finish 9.4% !!!!!!)

Cm’s lost from Arms, Waist and Legs: 6cm

Her sit ups went from 52 in 2 minutes to 74 in two minutes.

Her bleep test went from level 7 on day one to level 8.5 on day 7!

Her press-ups went from 35 in one minute on day one to 48 in one minute on day 7!

Her burpees went from 23 on day 1 in one minute to 31 in one minute on day 7!

Well done to Kate her Thailand fitness boot camp holiday was a huge success and we wish you all the best for the future.

Keep up the good work from Fresh Start Boot Camp Team in Thailand.


Lucy’s Thailand Boot Camp Retreat

Lucy's after photo from her bootcamp holiday

Lucy After

Lucy Johnson's Thailand boot camp retreat before photo

Lucy Before

Thailand Boot Camp Retreat Transformation in 7 days!!

This is what Lucy from the UK had to say about her Thailand Boot Camp Retreat!

‘The Fresh Start Thailand boot camp retreat was one of the most amazing fitness challenges I have ever done with the BEST results I have ever seen in 7 days! I’m thrilled with my weight loss of 3kg and have not been 54kg since my early 20s! Ill be back in a few months to do it again!’ Lucy Johnson, UK

Here are here results after 7 day

Weight Loss: 3kg – 6.6 lbs

Body Fat % Loss: 11% (start 29.8% finish 19%)

Cm’s lost from Arms, Waist and Legs: 6cm

So what makes the Fresh Start program so special? Well our program was designed by Richard Thomas who served in the British Royal Marines as a Physical training Instructor and his wife Louise Thomas who has been a fitness teacher for 25 years and has a degree in Sport Studies. They have put together a fantastic program which achieves great fitness and weight loss results. They have chosen the perfect location in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand. The Spa Health Resort has been voted one of the top 10 health resorts in Asia and has amazing facilities for our boot camp holiday. Including a purpose built exercise track, two swimming pools, Cloud Nine Sala which has views of miles and miles of open country side , an organic farm, healthy restaurant and massage and Spa facilities. It is the perfect place to feel closer to nature, re-charge your batteries and get away from the hustle and bustle of our modern life style. But don’t just take our word for it please check out our testimonial page to see what our guests are saying.

Hear what Lucy had to say about her Thailand Boot Camp retreat below:

Tony our Australian Bootcamp participants transformation February 2013


Tony's after photo at the fitness retreat in Thailand

Tony after

Tony at the beginning of his fitness boot camp journey

Tony before

Tony our Australian bootcamp participant attended our fit camp for 14 days in February 2013.

Here are his results after 14 days.
Weight Loss: 5.6 kilos
Body Fat % Loss:3.5 (start 13.5% finish 10%)
Cm’s lost from his waist : 8 cm’s
The USMC boot camp Thailand test results from day 1 to day 14.
Bleep test from level 8.9 to 10, push ups went from 62-77, sit ups went from 15-30, burpees went from 20-28
At the end of his 14 days with us this is what our Australian bootcamp participant had to say about his experience.

Tony our Australian bootcamp particpantdoing a Muay Thai session with Alexis

Muay Thai with Alexis

” I came for some personal space, to get fitter and to move some weight around. All my expectations were met and I found the experience and results were completely up to my own personal effort, encouraged with lots of  motivation by Nick.  The fitness bootcamp program is great and well structured with lots of variety that allowed recovery and improvement. Thanks to a terrific instructor in Alexis who has a good style and a sense of humor. Hard work yes, but a lot of fun”

We have received this letter from Tony since he has gone back to his home in Perth Australia.

”I found both Nick and Alexis to be good coaches and they both did a great job. I was very happy with the results from the two weeks. I honestly felt that I couldn’t have worked any harder than I did. Thanks for setting what I believe is a very well balanced program. I have certainly been recommending it to anyone I talk to about it!!”

David’s Fitness Bootcamp Holiday Transformation December 2012.

fitness bootcamp holiday after photo




David Money attended our December 2012 Fitness Bootcamp Holiday in Chiang Mai Thailand. Here are his results after 7 days.
Weight Loss: 4.3 kilos

Body Fat % Loss:2.6  (start 16.3%  finish 13.7%)

Cm’s lost from Arms, Waist and Legs: 5cm

The USMC boot camp Thailand test results from the start of the week to the end of the week

Bleep test from level 10.6 to 11.5, Push Ups went from 58-65, Sit Ups went from 45-56, Burpees went from 22-25

This is what David said about his fitness bootcamp holiday experience “Loved it.  Just the right level of challenges to really push me without breaking me!  I feel fitter than ever and have had a lot of fun with other members”.


Louise’s Thailand Boot Camp December 2011

Thailand boot camp after photo




Look at Louise’s amazing abdominal transformation achieved in just 7 days at the Fresh Start Thailand Boot Camp December 2011. She lost 3 kilos, 6% body fat and 4 Cm’s from her waist. Louise’s bleep test results went from level 8 on day one to level 9 on day 7! She increased her sit ups from 20 to 30 in one minute, her burpees from 28 to 34 in 1 minute and full press up from 24 to 36 in 2 minutes.

Dawn boot camp holiday April 2012





Dawn’s fitness and weight loss results from her boot camp holiday were brilliant. In 7 days she lost 3.4 kilos, her metabolic age went from 35 to 25 she lost 5 % body fat and lost 5 cm’s from her waist measurement! Her before and after boot camp holiday fitness results speak volumes her bleep test went from level 3.5 to 4 , her press ups in a minute went from 25 to 48, her sit ups in two minute’s went from 26 to 29 and her bur-pees in a minute went from 21 to 27!

Hilbert fitness holiday Thailand December 2011

fitness holiday Thailand After photo




Hilbert is our fitness holiday Thailand biggest loser. In October 2011 he lost a staggering 8 kilos and was so pleased with his results that he came back in December 2011 and lost another 4 kilos! He achieved this through determination, super healthy menu and the support of the fitness holiday Thailand team.

Tracey bootcamp Thailand October 2011





Tracey’s Amazing Before and after shots from the bootcamp Thailand show how you can get a wash board tummy in just 7 days!

Anne Smith boot camp Thailand May 2011





Anne Smith’s boot camp Thailand results after 7 days ……………………

Weight Loss: 3.8 kilos!!!

Body Fat % Loss:1.2  (start 20.1%  finish 18.9%)

9 Cm’s lost from Arms, Waist and Legs:

Bleep test went from level 9.6 to 9.10

The USMC boot camp Thailand test results from the start of the week to the end of the week

Push Ups went from 38-47, Sit Ups went from 41-56, Burpees went from 18-20


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