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Fun Ways to Get in Shape

Fun Ways to Get in Shape

As the summer of 2016 approaches and the beach beckons, people around the Northern hemisphere are scrambling to get our bodies and minds ready for the hot sunny days and afternoons spent at the beach. Many of us are also looking at the winter bulge around our waists, and noticing that we may be a bit out of breath when we climb the stairs.

It’s the perfect time to get back on track and start to cleanse and heal our bodies in time for skimpy bikinis and summer vacations. Here are some of the most popular – and most fun – ways to get and stay healthy this Summer!

Just juice it! A juice cleanse can help to get your body and mind in perfect shape. A juice cleanse allows you to take all of those delicious, abundant fruits and vegetables just coming into season and turn them into vital fuel for your body. While you may feel a little bit hungry on your first day, by day 3 or 5 you will be lean, replenished and on track to health. It’s amazing how fresh and healthy you feel after a juice fast, your skin glows and your energy soars! Try juicing greens and low glycemic fruits like apples and add some pulp back to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Want to know more about the glycemic diet? Then check out this blog on our Thailand fitness bootcamp web site.

All about the yoga and meditation. By focusing on your mind as much as your strength and fitness, you can de-stress and relax, allowing your body to reach its optimal health. Many yoga and meditation courses are offered around the world, including here in Thailand. A perfect way to get in balance – and get in shape.

Do what you love. Is working out in a sweaty gym not working out for you? Do you get bored staring at the wall mounted TVs and count down the minutes until your grueling elliptical session is over? Then get outdoors and do what you love! Hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, snow boarding and even hula hooping are all ways to get your heart pumping, your blood flowing and to stay healthy while having fun.

Take a vacation. You read that right: taking a vacation is a popular way to stay healthy! Keeping yourself happy and motivated can include a trip to an exotic locale, particularly if there is exercise and healthy eating habits involved. Many people choose to take a fitness boot camp holiday to Thailand, such as our Fresh Start Boot Camp, in the spring and summer, and they are rewarded with travel, excitement – and a lean, mean bod.

Rescue Fido! Rescuing a canine friend in need can be a huge motivator – your pup will demand that you get up early each morning and get outdoors. Special harnesses exist for Fido so that you can jog and cycle with him in tow. Your mood, body and local shelter will thank you

Photo of Louise and Richard founders of fitness holiday ThailandAs you can see – popular ways to stay healthy do not always involve calorie counting and grueling hours at the gym. Why not kickstart your health and fitness by coming to visit us here at Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp, located in gorgeous, safe and friendly Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our bootcamp is guaranteed to change your body – and your life – forever.

3 Powerful supplements to boost your immune system

supplements to boost your immune systemPoor dietary habits, stress, busy life style, and cold freezing weather can wreak havoc on your immune system. The role of some supplements in order to improve our immune system is undeniable and can be very beneficial.

Although, there are many supplements available these days in the market to boost our immune system, nevertheless, most of us do not know much about 3 powerful supplements to boost your immune system, such as, Echinacea, Allicin, and Vitamin C.

Echinacea supplements

EchinaceaA lot has been written, proposed, and praised for Echinacea benefits to strengthen immune system; some people absolutely believe in its magical properties to fight off cold and flu symptoms.

Numerous research studies concluded that Echinacea definitely fights inflammation, bacterial infection, and viral infection. This herb stimulates certain white cells which is beneficial for the immune system as well as lymphatic system

Summarized that Echinacea
Some studies also summarized that Echinacea is really useful for allergies; studies also showed that Echinacea extracts supplements were effective in preventing symptoms of the common cold compared to a placebo.

Phytochemical contents of Echinacea

PhytochemicalAlpha-pinene, apigenin, arabigoglactan, beta-carotene, beta sitosterol, betaine, borneol, caffeic acid, caryophyllene, chlorongenic acid, cichoric acid, cynarin, echinacoside, ferulic acid kaempferol, luteolin, quercetin, rutin, stigmasterol, vanillin, and verbascoside.




Nutrients contents of Echinacea

NutrientsEchinacea comprised of Calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, and zinc; vitamins A, E B1, B2, B3, and C.






PrecautionsDo not take longer than three weeks at a time; also should not be used by people who are allergic to ragweed. If you are pregnant, contact your health provide before taking Echinacea supplement.


A standard dose of Echinacea is 2000 to 3000 mg of crude extract, 6 to 9 milliliter of pressed juice, or 0.75 to 1.5 milliliter of tincture per day.

Garlic and Allicin supplements

Allicin is an oily substance found in the garlic. Garlic which is also technically called, Allium Sativa, when it is crushed then it yields Allicin. Allicin is an organosulfur compound which is renowned for its health related benefits.

DetoxifiesIt detoxifies the body and protects against infection by enhancing immune function. It lowers the blood pressure, improves circulation, and lowers blood lipid levels; it helps stabilizing blood sugar levels and aids in the treatment of arterioscleroses, arthritis, and asthma.
Efficacy of garlic and its Allicin component prevents cancer, circulatory problems, colds, flu, digestive problems, heart disorders, insomnia, liver disease, ulcers, yeast infection, and sinusitis.

Phytochemcal contents of garlic including Allicin.

PhytochemcalBeta-carotene, beta-sitosterol, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, diallyl-0disulfide, ferulic acid, geraniol, kaempferol, linalool, oleanolic acid, p-coumaric acid, phloroglucinol, phytic acid, quercetin, rutin, s-allyl-cysteine, saponin, sinapic acid, and stigmasterol.

Nutrient content Nutrient contents of Allium Sativa (garlic-allicin)

It constitutes calcium, folate, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, vitamins B1, B2, B3, and C.


Usually not recommended for people who take anticoagulants, as garlic and its components has blood thinning actions.


180mg of Allicin powder for couple of days to relieve cold and flu symptoms

Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C supplementsOn a daily basis, our body utilizes antioxidant vitamins to support the immune system and fends off the unwelcome microbes and pathogens; vitamin C is one of the foremost antioxidant for this job. In recent years, vitamin C supplements gained so much popularity due to so many new discoveries regarding vitamin C effectiveness.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is required for at least three hundred metabolic functions in the body, including tissue growth, repair, adrenal gland function, and healthy gums. It also aids in the production of anti stress hormones and interferon which is a vital immune system protein. Moreover, vitamin C is needed for the metabolism of folic acid, tyrosine, and phenylalanine.
Some immune system cells such as phagocytes and t- cells collect more vitamin C, especially, when cold or flu bacteria or viruses attack; in order to perform their task that extra requirement of vitamin C can be replenished by vitamin C supplements. Many studies have confirmed that prophylactic intake of vitamin C can reduce the duration of the common cold symptoms.


PrecautionsStomach irritation can occur possibly leading to ulcers, if aspirin and standard vitamin C (|ascorbic acid) are taken in the large doses. If you take aspirin regularly, use an esterified form of vitamin C, and take it separately from the aspirin.
If you are pregnant, do not take more than 5, 000 milligrams of vitamin C daily. A developing infant may become dependent on this supplement and develop scurvy when deprived of the accustomed mega doses after birth. If you have a bruise or sprained muscle, temporarily cut back on vitamin C to less than 90 milligrams daily. Larger amounts may combine with iron produced by the injuries to cause more damage. Avoid using chewable vitamin C supplement, because these can damage tooth enamel.


200mg to 1000 mg during bout of common cold or for prevention

Photo of Louise and Richard founders of fitness holiday ThailandKeeping your immune system healthy and in tip top condition is important for preventing illness’s and disease. We hope our blog has been enlightening and useful. We are both passionate about staying fit and healthy and use these supplements ourselves in our holistic healing cupboard.





The Fresh Start Magnificent 7 Super Food List

When you are training, whether it’s to lose fat, gain muscle or tone up, you are unlikely to see great results unless you supply your body with the right nutrition. Luckily for you, Fresh start has been on a ‘shop til you drop’ frenzy around all the best super markets and come up with our ‘magnificent 7 Super Food list ’ of the best nutritional foods to get you the results you so desperately deserve.

Fresh Start Magnificent 7 Super Food List

1. VegetableSweet potatoes. Full of vitamin A, Fibre and vitamin C, these little beauties are lower on the glycaemic index which means you are less likely to get a sugar spike and is better at warding of the silent killer, Diabetes. I often swap white potatoes for sweet ones, they taste great with a little low fat butter.
2. Broccoli. At the top of the list of super foods, full of vitamins and a great source of calcium. Broccoli also contains the cancer fighting chemical, sulforaphane.
3. Apples. A great source of fibre and disease fighting flavonoids. These little wonders can reduce heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.
4. Bananas. The potassium in bananas helps maintain the body’s sodium levels and combats high blood pressure. I love to make my kids banana and strawberry smoothies as a healthy alternative to sweets and chocolate. They are also said to help overcome depression due to their high levels of tryptoplan, which is converted into serotonin, the happy mood brain neurotransmitters. They are also great at protecting you against post exercise leg cramps and due to their high levels of the Vitamin B12 reduce swelling and aid production of white blood cells. Why not take a look at some of the other amazing banana facts.
5. Red onions. These little red wonders have high levels of quercetin, which in recent studies suggest has potent anti-inflammatory properties. According to another recent study, eating just half a red onion a day can reduce your chances of stomach cancer by 50%.
6. Lentils. A versatile meal addition and full of protein, fibre and iron. Lentils add a variety of textures to make your dinner a lot more interesting. Lentils also help to lower your cholesterol as it contains high levels of soluble fibre which lower the risk of heart disease and stroke by cleaning out your arteries. At the Fresh Start boot camp we give you delicious lentil soup, actually tastes like beef, I love it!
Spinach7. Spinach. Provides around twice as much iron as other green vegetables and is also rich in vitamin K, which helps maintain healthy bones. Iron in your diet is essential in the development and growth of muscles and builds a strong immune system. Vitamin K is essential for strong bones and preventing heart disease, some say that it is as important as Vitamin D and that they both complement each other in working to build strong bones.

I hope you have found our magnificent 7 super foods interesting, please tell us on Facebook what you think.

To your very good health

Richard Thomas

Vitamin c

Vitamin C Facts

Why we need Vitamin C

Vitamin cVitamin C is a form of sugary acid that is water soluble and is most commonly found in citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables and is a staple ingredient used to fortify foods. This super vitamin is a familiar childhood supplement and one of the most important for our continued wellbeing.

Humans suffer from a deficiency which prevents us from generating vitamin C in our bodies. Most other mammals can synthesise this vital nutrient with glucose produced by enzymes in the liver. The only way we humans can get this vital elixir of life is through our diet.

Beat Heart disease.

Animals don’t get heart attacks because they produce vitamin C in their bodies which protects blood vessels walls. In humans, unable to produce Vitamin C, a condition known as Hypoascorbemia, dietary vitamin deficiency weakens these blood vessel walls which go on to cause cardiovascular disease which is an early form of scurvy. Clinical studies have found that daily intakes of Vitamin C can reverse and even halt the effects of coronary heart disease naturally.
In addition to Vitamin E and two other amino acids, Lysine and proline, vitamin C is vital for the creation of collagen, the major protein in soft and connective tissue throughout our body. Vitamin C therefore helps provide us with healthy skin, hair, corneas, tendons, muscles, ligaments, bones, organs, cartilage and the basis for the structure of our cells. Without it we simply fall apart, which is called scurvy. As we have already said, but I think it’s worth saying twice, Vitamin C is also responsible for the strengthening of our cardiovascular system. A lack of this vital vitamin kills one in every two and half people.

Fight free radicals

Vitamin C acts as a powerful antihistamine, antiviral and antitoxin. It also acts as an antioxidant, which neutralizes cell damaging free radicals or oxidant elements in the body. As we age, we slowly oxidise or rust! An antioxidant is a type of molecule able to slow down or prevent this oxidation process. Antioxidants, like Vitamin C, stop these reactions by removing the free radicals and becoming oxidised themselves. If there are more free radicals than antioxidants can control, the body suffers oxidative stress which can cause diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and chronic inflammatory disease. Vitamin C is a major factor in preventing this from occurring.

Where can you find Vitamin C?

Vitamin C can be found in fruits and vegetables and also in some meats. Rose hips, blackcurrants, peppers, kiwi, guava, broccoli, and the Christmas favourite, Brussels sprouts are all high in vitamin C.
Raw is good – cooking and heating destroys many of the active compounds of vitamin C. If you boil a saucepan of vegetables for too long you risk having more vitamin left in your pan than on your plate.
Fresh is best – As food is stored the vitamin C content gradually decomposes. An orange in your fruit bowl will lose 50% of its vitamin C in two weeks.
Fruit and Veg – A diet of 80% plant based organic fruits and vegetables are best,if you can eat 60% of these raw then even better.

To your very good health
Fresh Start Boot Camp Thailand

we give out boot camp guests a healthy apple snack each day

10 apple benefits and why they are the perfect health snack

10 apple benefits

Fresh Start Apple Snack

Visitors to Thailand come for a variety of reasons for business, for the culture, to visit friends and family and of course to experience the wonderful Thai food. Travelers to Thailand love the wide selection of fruit which is plentiful and diverse. The tropical climate is perfect for the growth of  these fruits including apples.  Apples grow in abundance in Thailand and are a perfect health snack. We give them to our boot campers because they are easily transportable, fit easily into our guests rucksacks and are the perfect pre and post exercise fuel to keep our guests going during the day. Here are our 10 apple benefits and why we love them at fresh Start.

10 apples benefits and why they are the perfect health snack

1)Eating an apple before you exercise will boost your exercise endurance. Apples deliver an antioxidant called quercetin, which aids endurance by making oxygen more available to the lungs, studies have  shown that querceti can help people bike longer.

2) They quench your thirst, great and refreshing in hot counties.

3)We all need to eat a piece of fruit a day so we are cultivating good eating habits at our boot camp. They are the perfect snack.

4)Full of anti oxidants.

5)Full of fiber, which is great for constipation and keeping your regular.

6)They stabilize blood sugar. This is important for our guests because some of them will be used to eating lots of sugar and refined foods which spike blood sugar levels.

7)They detoxify the liver, and at our retreat we like to encourage clean and healthy eating.

8)They are very filling!

9) They are full of vitamin C which is great when you are putting your body through so much exercise.

10) Very importantly they promote weight loss by boosting calorie burn and increasing muscle. They are then perfect pre and post workout fuel, much much better than a cereal bar.

Here at the Fresh Start fitness retreat in Thailand we give our boot camp guests an apple every day.

You know what they say ”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”!

Louise Co-Founder at Fresh Start

Louise Co-Founder Of Fresh Start

To your good health


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