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Great reasons to exercise from the Fresh Start Fit Camp

great reasons to exercise from fit camp in Thailand

Smiles On Day one of Fresh Start Fitness Bootcamp.

It can be difficult to schedule in proper exercise when many of us are working from early morning until the evening. Unfortunately this is a reflection of our modern society. Our days can be spent running around after the kids or catching up on some much-needed sleep. Sadly the last thing on our minds is fifty lengths in the pool or an hour of jogging around the park. However, exercise has been proven to actually give you more than just sore feet or a shortness of breath.

Great reasons to exercise from Fresh Start Fit Camp Thailand

Before discussing the great reasons to exercise, lets look at a definition of what constitutes exercise. Strictly speaking, anything which increases the heart rate above normal is going to be beneficial. There’s no need to be confined to a gym either. Your exercise could be a kick around with friends in the park. Or even taking the dog for a run. While there is still benefit from lower-intensity activities like walks. The NHS has recommended any activity which raises the heart rate and causes you to break a sweat. This will  have the most positive health effects. Here is the link to the NHS’s website where is recommends the exact amount of physical activity for adults aged 19-69. Physical activity levels for adults

Regular exercise has been proven to reduce the risks of many chronic conditions. Particularly in tandem with a healthy balanced diet. Exercise strengthens the heart, making it larger and a more efficient muscle. Even moderate exercise can boost HDL or good cholesterol. It also aids the circulatory system and lower blood pressure and blood fats. All these effects mean reduced risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

NHS research has shown that regular, moderately intense physical exercise could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by up to 35%. It also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 50%.  Doing enough exercise is more important now than ever before. With the ever-increasing busy nature of modern life. The alluring convenience of a fast food restaurant around every corner. Research by healthcare firm BUPA has shown that lack of physical exercise is thought to be the main cause of colon or breast cancer.
Not only can exercise help you physically, it also has benefits for your mental health. When we think of de-stressing,  things that springs to mind could be a candle-lit bath with bubbles or a beer on the sofa. However, research has shown that any moderately intense exercise can help to reduce stress and release endorphins into the body. These chemicals alleviate mental and physical stress, and give you the feeling of being “high on life”. NHS studies have revealed that regular exercise can lead to a reduced risk of depression by up to 30%.  The effects have been compared to those of actual anti-depressant medication. Not to mention the confidence boost which you could gain as you enjoy your slimmer, trimmer body.
As well as improving mood, regular physical exercise can also do wonders for your mental alertness. Exercise has been known to stimulate cell growth in the hippocampus, a section of the brain which controls memory and learning. This can be particularly advantageous to the slightly older among us, but whatever your age, the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise really are too great to ignore.

Exercise makes you feel better about yourself so you can love life more. Its great for boosting your mood, strengthens your heart, helps control blood sugar levels which in turn stops diabetes. Its great for controlling weight loss and helps increase your stamina and manage stress. Any exercise activity will help you relax after a stressful day.

If you maintain regular exercise as you get older you will have stronger muscles and remain fitter. Those who engage in exercise and cardiovascular fitness appear to live longer than those who don’t!

We know what your thinking, ‘i don’t want to join a gym or stand in a hall full of other sweaty people who look better and are fitter than me’! Well good news, you don’t have to. A walk in the park, over Moore and glen is all aerobic exercise.

If you haven’t exercised before we hope this article can inspire you to start. Remember it is never to late to become a fitter and healthier person.

To your very good health

The Fresh Start Fit camp Team in Thailand.




Swimming For Weight Loss

swimming for weight loss at our bootcamp holiday in Thailand

Swimming for weight loss

When you are trying to lose weight it can often seem like you just don’t know who to listen to. There is a wealth of information out there, but what will actually work and what is right for you as an individual, running, cycling or walking . Some people say that swimming is perfect for weight loss and others say that this is just a myth. But who should you believe? It all depends on your personal circumstances and your own body.

The Theory Swimming for weight loss

The theory behind weight loss is so simple; eat less and workout more, but the reality is very different. How much less should you eat? What exercises should you do? What if you’re doing everything right and the scale just won’t move? Swimming is considered to be good for weight loss for numerous reasons, one of them being that it is low impact and therefore ideal for those with a significant amount of weight to lose. But what about for people with 10 to 40lbs to lose? Will it still work?
Swimming is only an effective form of cardio if you make it a work out. Swim fast enough to be out of breath and you will see a significant calorie burn. Try different strokes and ensure that the whole body is getting a workout; tense your stomach muscles while doing the breast stroke for some extra tone. Those who take a leisurely couple of lengths are unlikely to see much difference in their bodies, but if you swim like an athlete then yes, you will lose the weight.
Keep it up!
Another aspect to factor into the equation is that in many cases when people start a new exercise regime they will be building muscles, while burning fat. On the scale this can seem like a plateau or even a gain, but in reality the fat is disappearing, clothes will fit better and eventually that weight will come down. The trick is to consistently workout and if you begin to find it easier, increase the intensity.
Many people question the ability to lose weight with swimming because of the common phenomenon of an increased appetite post-workout. If you are eating much more then all the calories burned while swimming will be replaced, limiting weight loss. However, this is thought to be caused by the temperature difference within the pool. The body is forced to work harder to keep warm while working out, therefore burning more calories, leaving you feeling hungrier. However, this can be dealt with by taking a hot shower or a sauna to bring the body temperature up, limiting the post-swim hunger. Also, by drinking water while in the pool you will reduce the risk of mistaken hunger, when in reality you are thirsty
Do What you Love!
Losing weight is always going to be a slow and hard process, but the trick is to find an exercise that you love and look forward to every day. If swimming is right for you then you are much more likely to succeed. However, if you dread every swim then you probably won’t be working out as hard and will ultimately have reduced results. Swimming can help some people to lose weight, but it depends on the individual.
To your very good health
Richard Thomas

Boot Camp Holiday Thailand

Authentic Thai Muay Thai gym at the thailand fitness boot camp

Boot Camp Holiday News April 2013

Another Fresh Start Boot camp holiday has finished and some wonderful fat loss, fitness gains, muscle gains and weight loss results have been made. I have listed below some of the results gained over just seven days of boot camp, healthy eating, good exercise and of course relaxation and fun.

Here are our April 2013 fresh start bootcampers at Kc's Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai a great bootcamp holiday in Thailand

April 2013 bootcampers at Muay Thai.

Results speak for them selves
As a group our April 2013 Boot camp lost a massive 54.9 kg in weight, that’s an average of 4.9kg per person in only 7 days. There is no secret to their brilliant results, just healthy eating and plenty of exercise in the fresh Thailand air. Their overall body fat percentage loss was an impressive 26.2%, that’s an average of 2.3% of body fat lost per person in only seven days. The overall centimetres lost from around their waist or mid rift was a staggering 43cm, that’s an average of 3.9cm per person per mid rift.

How did we do it at the Fresh Start boot camp holiday

From the start of the camp we encouraged and advised each individual guest, the programme was hard but ‘doable’. Every person was pushed beyond what they ‘thought’ they were capable of, the fit guys were pushed just as hard as the not so fit guys and everybody worked hard. One of our April 2013 boot campers said “I’ve gone above and beyond my expectations. I’ve pushed myself to limits i didn’t think possible and couldn’t feel better or happier”. Many people come to us thinking that they have a very low level of fitness, to many peoples surprise, we prove to them that it is all in their mind!

Mind over matter

Mind over matter, mental strength, moral fibre or guts, pretty much means the same thing. What it means to me is the ability to push your physical limits when your mind is screaming at you that you should stop. The only reason your mind is saying stop, is because of your own preconceived ideas of what you think you can do. Our Fresh Start ethos is ‘anything is possible’. Once you have thrown away these preconceived ideas you are then ready to change the way you think and move onwards and upwards towards your fitness goals.

April 2013 Biggest success

It is said that when the going gets tough the tough get going. At the beginning of our boot camp, Scott, from Australia, was finding it tough going due to just recovering from a chest cold  but, Just 3 days later and some hard physical activities under his belt, Scott was running the 3km route which he found a struggle at the beginning and laughing during even the toughest challenges, If you need an example of ‘Mind over matter’ you need look no further than Scott, who incidentally lost a massive 8.3kg in the 7 days, making him our all time biggest loser and who’s confidence went from strength to strength, well done Scott. Here is Scott’s video testimonial which was taken at the end of the first 7 days.

To your very good health


The Fresh Start Boot camp holiday in Thailand.

Fitness Holiday Journey April 2013

I am now sat at Bangkok airport with a well earned green tea and a naughty biscuit reminiscing on what a wonderful time i have just had on the April 2013 Fitness Holiday in Chiang Mai,Thailand. Not only do i feel super fit, detoxed and contented but I’ve also lost nearly 4 kg…and i am the instructor!

It seems like an age ago when i first met the 13 ‘newbie’ boot campers last Friday, i remember now the concerned and some what worried faces that greeted me, but after a quick intro from Nick and myself there seemed to be a calm in the room and a hint of excitement of the challenges ahead.

The first exercise routine was the ‘orientation’ walk around the spa and the realization that just getting from A to B was going to be a workout in it’s self, lots of steep hills!  After the walk was the first real work out, circuit training at cloud nine sala with Nick. A great way to wake up the body and a hint of what was to come over the next seven days.

A day of action with my Fitness Holiday in Thailand

we start the fitness holiday with a fitness test

Test your fitness

The first full day was Saturday and started with a brisk walk to Prem international school for the ‘bleep test‘ followed by the USMC(United States Marine Corp test) which comprises a maximum effort of press ups in one minute, Situps in two minutes and finally Burpees in one minute. Every did well and showed some real true grit. We then walked back to the Spa for some orienteering.

The orienteering game was briefed by myself and comprised of finding clues to 4 combination locks which secured a ‘ticking bomb( not a real one obviously) the aim of the game was to find all the clues which were scattered around the spa, answer 4 questions to put each combination in order and then disarm the ‘bomb’…easy! The proud winners Cassie, Jim and Lesley had an early shower, the rest had to collect in the clues.

After lunch it was a muscle toning ‘kettle bell‘ class  with Nick, then off to Prem for a swimming pool session utilizing floats, corks, hoops and kayaks before heading back for dinner and some well needed massages.

Anyone for a cycle ride?

After an invigorating and picturesque power walk it was time for a cycle ride, but not before a super healthy breakfast of muesli, fruit and almond milk. The cycle ride took us through Thai villages, rice paddy fields and mountain passes. The goal, was the Mai Sai elephant camp and of course lunch. After lunch and a very quick and exhilarating ride down the Somong road it was time for the ten waterfall walk before heading home and a very well earned massage.

Amazing week and amazing results!

The rest of the week saw us on the low rope obstacle course, tire pulls and team games, Muay Thai kick boxing  at KC

Low ropes course gets our bootcampers working as a team

Get ready it’s the low ropes course!

Boxing gym, Cardio tennis with Joel, Aqua aerobics with Anne, Pilate’s and Yoga.

A great bunch of people who gave it 100%, made new friends and achieved far and beyond much more than they ever thought possible. To cap it all we had a new biggest loser record smashed by Scott, who lost a staggering 8.3kg and is now on his second week of boot camp,well done Scott and all of the April 2013 Fresh start Boot camp Thailand team.

To your very good health

Richard Thomas, CEO Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp.


News from the April 16th-23rd Fresh Start Fitness Camps in Thailand

Fresh Start fitness camps in Thailand running boot camp participants

Fresh Start April 2013 Bootcampers

Here i am again, at one of our Fresh Start Fitness camps in Thailand. Its day one of week one and i feel  really excited. On Friday Nick our manager and i took the mandatory fitness tests. This included taking weight measurements, body fat percentages, muscle mass percentages, measurements of upper thigh, upper arm and waist. At the end of the week we will be taking them again to see their great results.

Fresh Start Fitness Camps In Thailand are something special.

We introduced ourselves to the new boot campers who had come from as far a field as Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia and the  United Kingdom. All of them have come for different reasons, some for weight loss, some to get fitter and some to kick start their new fitness regime but, all to have a great time and enjoy them selves with like minded people in a great environment.

We then then had our Spa resort  tour, where we showed the guests the lush and beautiful surroundings and  areas we would be using during their time with us. First on the list was the bamboo spa where the guests receive their massages and far saunas and also have their photographs taken, just so they can see their transformations in seven days times when we take them again. We also take them to the Spa private tennis court, golf putting green and Boules court.

Time to get fit.

Once the tour was complete it was time for the first class of the fit camp, circuit training at the picturesque cloud nine Sala. Circuit training is a great and effective way of increasing the heart rate and improving  your aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels as well as burning loads of calories and burning fat. The circuit comprised of press ups, sit ups, box jumping, kettle bell jacks, shoulder press, plank, squat thrusts, lunge with bicep curls and squats. A great start to our April 19th-26th 2013 camp .

Tibetan Bowls fitness bootcamp April 2013

Tibetan Bowl Concert April 2013

Time to relax.

The last session of the day was a soothing and healing class run by R.J, our expert Tibetan Bowl therapist who lives in down town Chiang Mai.  The Tibetan singing bowls produce a sound which invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering meditation. After only ten minutes of this amazing therapy i was half asleep, then with a change of bowl and pitch i was awakened again. R.J. said ” each bowl and its unique sound will effect and help the healing of different people”. As we lay on our mats he asked if anyone had any physical problems like  aches or pains etc, he then held the bowl next to that person  and attempted to heal them. We like to offer something different and unique at fitness camps in Thailand.

This is only the first day of the April 19th-26th 2013 Fresh Start fitness getaway. I will keep you posted on what adventures we have later on.

To your very good health

Richard Thomas

Co-founder of the Fresh Start fitness experience.

Fresh Start Fit Camp Thailand Walking Tips

power walking at the fit camp in Thailand

Walking at our Fit Camp Thailand

Nearly everyone loves to walk, whether it is to the shops, around the park or to the nearest mall . I live approximately 3 miles from work and am lucky enough to have a lovely picturesque canal path to walk down, there is nothing i like more than an early morning plod with only the swans, frogs, ducks and occasional boat  to break my peace. My wife and I have included some lovely walks in the Fresh Start  fit camp Thailand area. Close to the Thailand bootcamp we have rice paddy fields and beautiful Thai villages.

Walking can be fun with the Fit camp Thailand

If walking is not really your bag and you need something to spice it up, then try wearing your iPod or music system with some motivating tunes which really get you in the mood. Walking is one of the best fat busting, toning and all round health improving exercises known to man, its free and it gets you out into the open air and sunshine.

For maximum walking results try to walk at a brisk pace, then aim to increase this by 10 percent to get you into your fat burning zone. If you can hold a conversation while you are walking then you need to try a bit harder.  If you can include a couple of reasonably steep hills during your walk this will increase your heart rate and help to burn fat. If there are no hills on your chosen route, then try some fartleking. Fartkeking is a Swedish system of exercise and means ‘speed play’.

Fartlek the fat away

Fartleking can make your walk a little more interesting as well as intensive. All you do is walk at your normal pace but choose points along the way, like lamp posts, gate posts or  houses. At these chosen points you increase your walking speed to a point that pushes you, causing you to increase your heart rate, breathing rate and become a little breathless. As you become fitter, you can increase the ‘more intensive’ points of your walk and in turn burn more calories.

If you are  already a seasoned walker, then try something a little different to tone other parts of your body. Nordic walking is very popular at the moment, this is simply walking with ski poles. The poles are held in each hand and are placed onto the ground as if placing a ski pole into the snow. This arm action is a  brilliant way to improve your triceps, deltoids, pectoral and trapeziums tone and strength.

Work your arms when walking

Another way to include an  upper body work out with your walk is to carry some weights. This can give you a great extra fat burn and burn away those bingo wings(flabby triceps), even if you just carry them you will be exercising you deltoids biceps and triceps. If you want to go that little bit  extra, then try some arm curls and shoulder press as you walk, great for toning the arms. At the fit camp Thailand we use  mini hand held weights as we do our early morning power walk. This spices up our walking whilst toning our upper body at the same time.

Here are some great walking advice and tips from the walking site.

Thailand bootcamp Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas

Happy walking

and to your very good health

Richard from

Fresh Start

Fit Camp Thailand

Fresh Start  Home Page

Crossfit Workout Program Toughest Fitness

Hi there, my name is Rich Thomas and i want to tell you a story about my crossfit workout program experience and how it has changed the way i train and will continue to train from here on in. Thanks to cross fit i have changed my workout routines from long drawn out affairs to quick high intensity  blasts that shred  fat and leave me totally pumped and feeling great.

Crossfit workout program is the way ahead

Before two weeks ago i had not really tried cross fit, just read about it and heard from a couple of friends how good it was. So, after a chat with some friends i decided to give it ago.

On a cold January evening i met up with a friend of mine who had  already tried the crossfit workout program a few times before . We attended an old factory which had been renovated into a cross fit gym with a frame in the middle for pull ups and tricep dips. The other basic equipment  included skipping ropes, bar bells, medicine balls and stretching pipes. There was no central heating, MTV with music videos blaring or any other such luxuries you may usually find in most gyms.

crossfit workout program skip to warm up

Skipping to warm up

The cross fit workout program starts with a quick warm up with the skipping ropes and pipes to get our blood flowing and muscles warmed up we embarked on some medicine ball throws. These were not your usual size med balls but much heavier and softer, about 15kg. There was a line on the wall which was approximately 15 feet high, using our legs and arms we squatted down and threw the med balls to the line on the wall. The great thing about these were that we were taught the correct technique, so as to get maximum benefit from the exercise. After only 15 or so throws my legs,shoulders, back, chest and arms were screaming.

We then moved onto a strength circuit, which was timed, once we had finished we had to write our times on the board and try to beat it the following week.

It started with a one mile run, as fast as you could, then to the pull up bar where you had to do 100 chin ups, didn’t matter how many you did at any one time, just as long as you reached 100 in the end, once you had completed this it was onto the next.

200 press ups, again as many as you could until you pumped out the 200. Finally 300 body weight leg squats, this really hurt, but was not impossible when you break them down in to smaller numbers. As soon as you had finished your 300 it was another one mile run, when you got back your time was shouted  out to you and you wrote it on the board.

So next time you go to the gym, have ago at a crossfit workout program. Cross fit can be done by anyone regardless of fitness levels. This is great article that i can recommend  Click here.

To your very good health

Richard Thomas

The fresh Start Fitness Holiday Boot Camp


10 good reasons to attend a bootcamp for fitness in Thailand

Doi Suthep Temple at the bootcamp for fitness Thailand

Visit golden temples

Are you longing for a healthier new you? But feel like you need to get away to achieve this?If the answer is yes then we think we can help. Here are our top 10 good reasons for attending our Fresh Start bootcamp for fitness in Thailand.

Maybe its time to try a new approach to kick starting your fitness regime by attending a holiday fitness boot camp in Thailand. Thailand is a magnet for travelers the world over. However, you may be less familiar with the fitness boot camps available there.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should attend a bootcamp for fitness in Thailand:

  1. 1.Thailand is vibrant country. Situated in South East Asia. The main religion Buddhism plays a very important role in the culture of Thailand. Buddhist temples can be found throughout the country and play a central role in the local communities.


  1. Thailand is a cheap holiday destination; it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. The currency in Thailand is Thai baht and has very good exchange rates with the pound. For example, a hamburger in Thailand can cost 40p compared to £1 in the UK. Although, we don’t think it’s a healthy idea to be eating hamburgers.
  1. Thai food is enjoyed all around the world, but never tastes better than when it has been freshly cooked in
    bootcamp food is healthy

    Healthy food

    Thailand itself. Thai dishes are renowned for having incredible health benefits, with many of the herbs and spices used in the food containing disease fighting power.

  1. Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the largest of which is located in Phuket and it’s also the most popular. However with so much variety of scenery and atmosphere in Thailand, everybody can find their holiday wishes fulfilled.
  1. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport of Thailand. It is a close contact martial arts utilizing the entire body.We are lucky enough to have Alexis Gamiz Lazo on our team of leaders. Alexis is a Muay Thai trainer and champion.
  1. Thailand is known as “Land of Smiles” for many reasons.  Not only do tourists love to visit this country
    The Spa Resort home of the bootcamp holiday Thailand

    Genuine hospitality

    because of its natural beauty and the richness of history but the people in Thailand are welcoming, kind and a joy to be around.  You can be expect to be welcomed with open arms which is a gesture you need if you are choosing to visit Thailand for the first time by yourself.

  1. With its tropical climate, Thailand enjoys year round warmth and humidity. Chiang Mai and other northern regions of Thailand have cooler, milder weather throughout the year compared to the southern and central Thailand. Our bootcamp for fitness is based in Chiang Mai. What better way to exercise then by going outdoors to take in the sunshine, fresh air and beautiful scenery. You can free your mind from stress and soak up the vitamin D.
  1. Thailand is home to some of the luxurious spas in the world where you can expect to be treated like royalty as you get pampered.  There are fitness boot camps located on health spa’s so after a long day burning the calories what better way to relax than with a massage.
  1. A  bootcamp for fitness offers no cultural concerns because you can expect to be taught by a western
    Alexis and Nick our holiday bootcamp instructors in Thailand

    Only the best instructors

    fitness profession.  This is because many of the qualified fitness professionals too love the Thai lifestyle and choose to live in this beautiful country.  You can therefore expect no language or cultural barriers.

  1. The hustle and bustle of day to day life can be very demanding and there is very little time to escape.  It has been proven that even a short break away from routine and normality can clear your mind and body.  What better way to recharge your batteries than to attend a fitness boot camp in Thailand.  Not only are there lots of activities to enjoy, but when you feel yourself getting out of breath take a moment to breathe in the exotic surroundings.  Getting fit has never felt so glamorous.

In 2013 why not try a new approach to your fitness regime by joining the Fresh Start bootcamp for fitness in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.

Hear what Ben had to say about his bootcamp for fitness experience.

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Health facts From The Fresh Start Exercise Boot Camp

Here are a few ‘well, i  didn’t know that’ facts for you to mull over. Courtesy of the Fresh Start Exercise Boot Camp. Interesting facts such as the benefits of red wine, dangers of working through the night and the benefits of eating eggs.

Drink Red Wine say the Fresh Start Exercise Boot Camp

Health benefits of red wine from the exercise boot camp

Enjoy your red wine!

Research from the University of Missouri have discovered that resveratrol , a compound found commonly in grape skins and red wine, can make prostrate tumor cells more susceptible to radiation treatment.

It was found to increase the activity of two key proteins in prostrate tumor cells  following radiation treatment.

During the research it was found that 97 percent of tumor cells died, which is a much higher percentage than treatment with radiation alone.

So make mine a large one!


Eat your eggs and feel energized

Benefits of eggs from fresh start

Eggs are great!

Research from Cambridge University has also found that egg protein can help us stay alert during the day.

The study, published in the journal ‘Neuron’, focused on specialized brain cells called orexin/hypocretin neurons.

Wakefulness and energy rely on signals transmitted by these cells. The Cambridge research found that protein components of the type found in egg whites stimulated the neurons more than other nutrients.

Don’t burn the midnight oil

Night owls and men who work night shifts may be more likely to develop cancer, according to research by Canadian scientists. A new study in the American journal of Epidemiology suggests that the night work may be associated with an increased risk of several forms of cancer in men. These include cancers of the prostrate, bowel, lung, bladder, rectum and pancreas. Lead researcher professor Marie-Elise Parent says, exposure to light at night can lead to a reduced production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This can induce physiological changes that provoke the development of tumors.

Take your supplements

research to show how important vitamins are for preventing cancer and help longevity

Power of vitamins!

Scientists at Boston, Massachusetts studied nearly 15,000 over 50’s who took a multivitamin or a placebo daily for more than 10 years. Researchers found that there were eight per cent fewer diagnoses of cancer among men who took multivitamins.

Their use was also linked with reductions in deaths from cancer. Studies have suggested that eating a nutritious diet may reduce cancer risks.

Taking daily multivitamins may also be considered in the prevention of cancer in middle aged and older men.

Stay younger longer

Centella. AKA the tiger herb or gotu kola was eaten by ancient Indians to combat tired looking skin. They also used it to treat leprosy, syphilis, leg ulcers, wounds, tuberculosis, skin lesions and psoriasis. It is still used to promote healthy collagen and tissue today.
Watercress is rich in betacarotene, vitamin C and vitamin E needed to quench free radicals which can cause damage to skin cells.

Hope you have enjoyed our random helpful hints.

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To your very good health

Richard from the fresh start fitness bootcampRichard,

The Fresh Start

Exercise Boot Camp

Chiang Mai Thailand

Bootcamp Fitness Rock Solid Core

suspension training bootcamp fitnessWe have just introduced a fantastic new piece of super core strengthening equipment to our Bootcamp Fitness circuit class. You can train any where, any muscle group and there are no weights or fancy gym kit needed. All you use is your own body strength and body weight to achieve amazing results.

Bootcamp Fitness Suspension Training

So what is suspension training? You may have seen them before, those canvas straps hanging in the gym, usually yellow and black but now with the explosion onto the market they can be any colour. Developed by American Navy SEALS, they take advantage of gravity and your body weight to challenge every muscle group, especially your core. They can be attached to a door, tree, swing pole or just about anything which can support you body weight, because it is so versatile you can take it anywhere.

When i first saw the TRX straps hanging in the gym, i must admit, i was a little dubious as to what they were and what exactly they did. I had a look at the exercise poster next to the TRX, saw a few exercises i liked the look of and gave it a go, and what a monster work out.

The straps had numerous settings, some geared for  upper body, such as arms, chest and back and some geared for a leg, Ab and lower body work out. I decided i wanted to work my abs and chest,so set the stirrups to about a foot off of the ground and placed my feet inside. I was then in a press up position with my feet off of the ground. I then did one press up and then brought my knees to my chest and back into the front support place or press up position again, this was one rep. I did 30 of these and could feel my whole body working to the max, as i struggled to keep my body in line i knew i was working every core muscle.

Why i love suspension training

The next day i felt really sore, but a good sore, knowing i had worked pretty much every muscle group in my body. I have since tried a lot of different variants and found everyone of them a brilliant work out. So, why do i like TRX workouts so much?

Its great for all levels of fitness, anyone can use it.

Its portable, only weights about 2 pounds and you can use it indoors or out doors.

It can be used to lose weight, build strength, rehab old injuries, build core muscle groups and so much more.

It engages your core all of the time, this means that those love handles and belly fat are shredded a lot faster and a lot more effectively.

You can incorporate it into other work out schedules such as Tabatas, circuit training, Pilates and just about anything.

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Richard Thomas Co- founder of the bootcamp for fitness ThailandTo your very good health

Richard from the

Fresh Start Bootcamp Fitness Thailand

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