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Bootcamp Holiday Testimonials

The bootcamp was at the same time hard but fun. My favorite part was the swimming, the circuits were hard, but it was great
-Alissa Thys, 3 – 11 April 2017, Hong Kong.

Great coaches, fun but tough and a great schedule. I feel much stronger!!
-Candy Chui, 3 – 11 April 2017, Hong Kong.

Excellent trainers, lost 3kgs in 5 days. Thank you Jez and Methee. They have been patient and motivational. I loved Muay Thai and the circuit classes. The yoga was also great. Lovely team members. Good experience!
Weight loss 1.4 kgs in 1 week.
-Alice Wong, 24 – 30 March 2017, Hong Kong.

Thank you for such a fantastic week! I have really enjoyed the variety of activities and enthusiasm of the instructors (Anton and Ekk) and from the group as well. The instructors put so much thought into creating imaginative circuit sessions so there was never a dull moment! I also very much enjoyed getting out into the surrounding countryside on both the bike rides and hikes so we could explore the local area whilst working out. It is a very well thought through program with encouraging and supportive staff. I highly recommend Fresh Start.
Weight loss 1.7 kgs and 4 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Hannah Beckley, 17 – 24 March 2017, United Kingdom.

Amazing week. It was tough and I was pushed hard by Jez and his assistant Ekk. I have a massive sense of achievement at the end and wouldn’t change anything.
Weight loss 3.6 kgs, lost 3% body fat and 5 cms off waist width in 1 week.
-Keir Noone, 24 February – 3 March 2017, United Kingdom.

I was looking for a fun, energetic, amazing place and I came to the right place. All the instructors work out with you to make sure you are doing the exercises properly. Every day and session is different so you don’t lose interest. Did I also mention that Fresh Start bootcamp is really fun!!
Weight loss 2.4 kgs, and 10 cms off waist width in 10 day.
-Bertrand Geradin, 17 – 28 February 2017, United Kingdom.

This was my second camp with Fresh Start and once again I was not disappointed. The trainers, Anton and Ekk were fantastic! They push you to do your best. Some of the activities had changed since the last camp which made the experience better. I would highly recommend coming to the camp if you want a fantastic active holiday.
-Mary Carabott 10-20 Febraury 2017, Australia.

Excellent Bootcamp! The trainers were fantastic and exercises were varied and enjoyable. I lost 4.2kg which I never would have done at home. 5 Stars!
-Jamie Lee, 27 January – 3 February 2017, Philippines.

The week has been great. Everyday is a challenge and I’ve felt my fitness level has been lifted. The trainers are very personable and supportive!
-Rui Wang, 27 January – 5 February 2017, United Kingdom.

This week was a great week, I really recommend doing this bootcamp. It’s a great way to keep fit and to meet people from all around the world. The instructors are really awesome, they make it fun but still push you really hard.
Weight loss 4kgs and 4 cm off waist width in just 1 week.
-Brodie Haynes, 23 – 30 December 2016, Australia.

Weight loss 2.5 kgs and 3 cms off waist width
-Ann Crossouard Pearlman, 23 – 30 December 2016, France.

Really enjoyed the week. Anton & Tawun were great motivators and were very knowledgeable.
Lost 1.7 kilos and 3.5 cm’s from her waist.
-Tracey Hensby, 2 – 9 December 2016, Australia.

Really enjoyed it again, my second time! Positive results all round. Weight loss, fat loss, waist line loss, and so all good. Very well thought out programme with great results.
Weight loss 4.3 kilo, Waist width 4 cm. Lost 3.5% body fat
-Ian Blacker, 11 – 18 November 2016, United Kingdom.

I really liked our Thai boxing session with Pong and our Yoga session with Nok. The instructor team were professional and perfect.
-Maisie Ko, 29 October – 2 November 2016, Hong Kong.

Although it’s a tough programme, we had fun with our instructors and boot-campmates. I would suggest anyone who wants to get fit, come to join, you will be surprised by your own body.
-Courtney Lau, 29 October – 2 November 2016, Hong Kong.

I had a great time, my group leaders were incredible and super supportive and encouraging. Very funny and sociable. The camp was difficult but rewarding I would definitely recommend it. Thanks for everything guys.
-Dalia Farah, 21 – 30 October 2016, United State.

It was one or the most interesting and challenging trips that I’ve ever had in my life and the results were speak for themselves. Great team leader and great assistant.
-Mohammad Taha, 21 – 28 October 2016, United Arab Emirate.

Originally booked for one week then extend another as thoroughly enjoyed it. Great instructors. Learnt a lot. Feeling fit and healthy. Nice place for bootcamp. Very well organised, food delicious, friendly staff always there to help. Thank you Fresh Start, I will be back!
-Jamini Hirani, 16 – 30 September 2016, United Kingdom.

I really enjoyed the variety of exercises throughout the week. It was really challenging and pushed me harder than I’ve ever been pushed before. Anton was a great trainer, he showed us what human beings are able to accomplish if you practice every day. I also loved the food on the menu. Overall it was an awesome experience with wonderful people.
-Sunny Lin, 8 – 26 September 2016, United Kingdom.

It’s the perfect holiday to get out all of your stress and break the routine. It’s fun, it’s active and it is exactly what it’s name says “ A Fresh Start” The team of trainers are motivating, knowledgeable and always supportive, helping all the members of the group to reach their fitness limits and smash them! All of this whilst laughing and having just the best time!!
-Wanda Toso, 2 – 16 September 2016, Italy.

The bootcamp is a fantastic way to spend a holiday and get fitter! I really enjoyed the variety of the exercise, it was never monotonous! The bootcamp exercises also take place in different locations so that you set a chance to see more of the countryside, sights and temples in the area. I’d definitely recommended Fresh Start to my friends. Thanks for a great time.
-David Langkamp, 5 – 15 September 2016, United Kingdom.

Good incremental program that allows per people to do what they can handle. Tom was a great leader very encourage and personable.
-Gauri Khurana, 13 – 27 August 2016, United State.

A wonderful experience, physically challenging and great social interaction instructors (Thanks Tom and Pong!) were awesome and definitely something I will try to make time for annually.
-Varghese Anthony, 12 – 19 August 2016, Singapore.

This week has been so much fun, much more than I expected. Great food, fun exercise and lovely people. And results too. Perfect. P.S. very relaxing resort.
-Kristin Tomaras, 6 – 20 August 2016, from UK (living in Hong Kong).

Brilliant program for discovering what you’re really capable of. It’s fun and varied and the trainers are incredible professional with so much heart. Trainers Tom and Anton were both incredible.
-Samantha Ezra, 15 -29 July 2016, Australia.

Another fantastic week of activities, exercise, and challenge. Nick and Methee were knowledgeable, professional, supportive and fun. I look forward to returning to Fresh Start in 6 months.
-Christoper Vicari, 1-15 July 2016, United State.

I am very happy with the results and thankful to all of the group.
-Murilo Nunes de Carvalho, 1-15 July, United State.

It is a great experience here with Louise and Richard. The training course is very interesting and has a lot of diverse and a lot of fun. It is good not only physically but mentally too as you learn also about nutrition and once you accomplish the training you really feel good and more confident. Thank you so much Louise and Richard. I am so happy to visit your camp and I will definitely willing to come back.
-Norie Yamamori, 21– 28 May 2016, Singapore.

The week at Fresh Start has been both fun and challenging. Would recommended for anyone looking to get fit and strong in a motivating environment. Awesome group of like- minded people from diverse backgrounds.
-Shelle Ham, 6 – 16 May 2016, Australia.

Bike ride and ultimate Frisbee are a lot of fun. Great instructors, patient and great motivation. I’m very happy to be back to complete the program.
-Frank young, 29 April – 6 May 2016, China.

Everything above expectation. Trainers were fantastic. See you soon.
-Stefano Montesi, 29 April – 6 May 2016, Italy.

Thanks for the motivation, friendship and results. This week has been an inspiration and really fun.
-Carol Bailey, 4 – 11 March 2016, Australia. She lost 3.5 kg.

I really appreciate all the support given by the trainers. The bonding experience with other boot campers is amazing and I will make lifelong friends. Thank you to everyone very much for an amazing experience.
-Mariee Reeves, 4 – 11 March 2016, Australia. She lost 3.9 kg.

Amazing experience. Beautiful environment which was perfect for this program. Surprising thing was how we didn’t feel hungry throughout the week when eating really healthy foods. The program is hard work but well worth it if you stick it out.
-Tony and Gerry Markou,26 February – 4 March 2016, Australia.

The exercise were varied and interesting, challenging and fun. The approach was professional and lots of encouragement was given. Accommodation and food were excellent.
-Ingeborg Duigan, 19 – 29 February 2016, Australia.

What a fun week! I have lost 5kg during my boot camp week, just what I came to do! Great fun with such a positive and helpful team. Thanks very much.
-Chris Hayward, 12-19 February 2016, UK.

This is my second time here with fresh start bootcamp. I totally had a great time. It does not only help me build up fitness but each time it inspires me in my mind. I feel happy and I feel there’s nothing I can’t do. It simply feels great.
-Rui Wang, 5 – 14 February 2016, China.

Had a great time at the bootcamp. I really was able to get out of my comfort zone and try new types of exercise. A good mix of activities that targeted all aspects of fitness. Great trainers, very supportive, encouraging and helpful. I would like to come back. Achieved my goal for the week and enjoyed it.
-Azlina Ali Abul Hassan, 5 -12 February 2016, Malaysia.

I have very good results and you have created a great atmosphere and team spirit. Tom has been awesome. Kenny, Pong, Methee and Anton all extremely helpful.
-Shay King, 25 December 2015 – 8 January 2016, Australia.

Fresh Start truly lives up to their expectation but the real heart of the camp was Tom and Pong. In his own way, Tom pushed us to realise the abilities we have and the capabilities we have. His smile, jokes and stories made this week truly pass by less “painful” on the bodies. Not only has that but because I suffered from bad tummy issued, this made me realise how attentive he is towards the participants. He constantly checked on me throughout workouts and made sure I was properly nutritionally balanced.
-Jeannie Wu, 1 – 8 January 2016, Singapore.

Starting Fresh Start on 3rd January 2016 was the absolute best way to kick off the New Year. It’s been an amazing journey. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier. The instructors are amazing, encouraging, fun and very interactive. It has been a much better experience than anticipated.
-Simone Burn, 3 – 12 January 2016, South Africa.

I had a fantastic week again. Thanks Kenny, Anton and Methee. I love the cycling day and Muay Thai. Thanks for all the motivation and pushing to do more, great 2 weeks. Hoping I can keep it up at home.
Louise Murray, 17 December 2015 – 1 January 2016, United Kingdom.

I can’t say enough good things about Tom and Anton. Super encouraging, never make you feel over whelmed. Really enjoyed the archives. They pushed me to my limit.
-Meher Zaidi, 20 December – 1 January 2016, Canada.

I have great crew, motivation, helpful and inspiring. Very well organized and fun, unintimidated. Very results excellent.
-Sheryl Cuisia, 22nd December 2015 – 1 January 2016, United Kingdom.

I can’t say enough good things about the week I had at the boot camp.
-Robert Bailey, 27 November – 4 December 2015, Canada.
For me the whole week was an eye opener. Gosh! I have never felt so refreshed in the last 10/20 years. Loosing 3 to 4 Kg was one thing, but the attitude we are taking back is going to be a whole game changer in our life style. Kudos to Nick who handled such a multicultural, multinational and huge age variations so well.
-Rajan Jain, 20 – 27 November 2015, Singapore.
The enthusiasm both Richard and Louise have for their boot camp makes them enjoyable and keeps you wanting more. The results speak for themselves and more often than not you are having too much fun and forget you are working out!
-Andrina Hamer, 6 – 27 November 2015, Australia.
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was coming here, but as painful as individual moments of the 30th burpee in a row were, the overall experience was great! The trainers were great at motivating people and team building, definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone wanting to get fit quickly.
-Bea Davies, 13 – 20 November 2015, United Kingdom.
A fantastic program weaving exercise and fitness into beautiful and interesting Thai country side. Richard and Louise are such a pleasure, dedicated, caring, friendly and fit. I recommend the program for any fitness level. You will get out of the program everything you put into it plus some great memories and new friends.
-David Hose, 13 – 20 November 2015, United States.
I just finished my 3 weeks here at boot camp and have gained so much out of it. Firstly I was lucky enough to experience 4 different trainers all of which have mentored, encouraged and taught me available fitness and life lessons. I came to boot camp to work on my fitness and I leave here with a life transformation of what my life purpose is. This was something so unexpected, but an amazing gift and one that is priceless! A personal thanks to Tom, Anton, Mike and Kenny. Fresh Start you have amazing trainers and I will be back.
-Linda Winterbottom, 15 October – 6 November 2015, Australia.     
I come to the bootcamp for an extra kick start to the training I had been doing already and it certainly was a shock to the system! Tom and Anton were really supportive and encouraging but at the same time challenged everyone for their level of ability. I have gained a lot of knowledge from both of them and have enjoyed the workouts they have set. The workouts were a combination of both fun and pain. I was exhausted after every day. The food was excellent and I really enjoyed it all. I certainly come back if I could train with Tom and Anton again.
-Renee Hanly, 23 – 30 October, Australia.
It was a body reset. Thanks for Tom and Anton for pushing me when I felt tired. The attention paid off at the end. The camp was very good in the different mix of activities which kept the interest high. I really enjoyed meeting different people and not being competitive. Each of us working towards our own goals , it was motivating not to ne alone in this field. Would definitely recommend the camp.
Nicolas Weng Kan, 24 October – 1 November 2015, Hong Kong.
Mike and Tom gave great motivation. I did more because I did not want to disappoint them.
Bootcamp was rigorous but I got better as I went along and I had much more energy at the end.
Definitely worth coming, the program works. I am stronger and have more endurance.
Terry Youngblood 9 – 23 October, United States.
I loved the program, different activities every day, everything was great. Motivational trainers Good facilities at the resort. I will definitely recommended Fresh Start to my friends.
Manish Dhingra 4 -14 October 2015, Singapore.
The most amazing week of my life! I found it very tough but you always seem to find that extra push. The bootcamp team are awesome! They really help you through your week, always smiling, always encouraging, but they don’t scream at you when you are struggling. The spa and food was amazing never felt hungry. The room was top class always clean and fresh. To top my week and I had really great results.
Thank you so much Fresh Start!
-Tom Black. 2 – 9 October 2015, United Kingdom.
I enjoyed my time at boot camp. My favourite bits were Yoga class with Nok, KC Muay Thai gym, and the variety of different exercises including the team sports. I think Tom and Mike were particularly supportive through both weeks and really went above and bound to support you. They showed an interest and encouraged you.
-Abigail Armstrong. 18-25 September 2015, United Kingdom
Great week – Thank you so much.Favorite bits were Muay Thai and yoga. I also really enjoyed the 14km walk and pool games. Staff were very helpful. Rooms comfortable, food was very healthy and delicious.
– Jennifer Dundon. 11-18 September 2015, Ireland.
It has been a wonderful week. I am the first to admit, I found the first few days tough but Tom was there to ensure I battled through. Tom was fantastic, his enthusiasm, passion and personality was very inspiring, I really thought he was the difference for me in getting through day. The course was great, varied + whilst still pushing you. Food + resort was great. I thought the yoga was great too.
-John Daly from the UK. May 2015. He lost 3.3 kg in one week.
Everything was fantastic. So happy we were with Tom + Sert. Their knowledge, energy and support were very helpful. Exhausted at the end of every day but having massages was great. Food was very tasty and variety was perfect. Same with exercises variety was my favourite – everyone can figure out what they like best. It was all great fun + enjoyable. Great big kudos to Tom!
-Sarah Beuter from the US. May 2015
Fantastic Trainers, fantastic variety and fantastic results! really great boot camp that makes exercise as fun as it can be in an incredible part of the world – thanks Fresh Start!
-Steve Chick form the Uk. May 2015.
This was our second week and it was just as great as the first. We were pushed to the limit daily and sometimes hourly but are thrilled with the results. A big thank you to both Nick and Richard for their push and support.
-Josh and Paula Hunt from Australia. May 2015.
Great Variety of work out sessions. Strong leaders and great instructors. Tennis was great fun. Food good. Staff all very friendly.
-Simon Mallitte from the UK. April 2015. Lost 5.6kg in 6 days
I really enjoyed the camp, every single day of it. The first yoga session with Neil was great, it was great for the muscles. I feel much better than before, fitter and younger. I totally can recommend the camp and will do it again. Looking forward to coming back and boosting my body again. Thanks a lot.
-Astrid Berghaus. From Germany April 2015.
I really enjoyed the camp, every single day of it. The first yoga session with Neil was great, it was great for the muscles. I feel much better than before, fitter and younger. I totally can recommend the camp and will do it. Looking forward to come back and boost my body again. Thanks a lot.
-Astrid Berghaus. April 2015.
All instructors (Phil,Tom and Nick) have been very supportive through out my 2 weeks and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Good teamwork.
-Nicholas Bunce from the UK. March 2015
‘The Thailand Bootcamp was one of the most amazing fitness challenges I have ever done with the BEST results I have ever seen in 7 days! I’m thrilled with my weight loss of 3kg and have not been 54kg since my early 20?s! I’ll be back in a few months to do it again!’
– Lucy Johnson from the UK Feb 2010
“I lost 4cm’s around my waist! The variety of activities kept us challenged. The Spa Resort is GREAT with one of the best menu’s I have ever seen in regards to healthy ingredients. I also rated the teachers 5 out of 5! Great job guys!”
– Francois Leblanc from Dubai April 2010

One of the best things I have done to support my weight loss journey thus far. I received so much support and encouragement I can’t wait to come back again. This has shown me how fit I am and what my potential has been.
– Deb Fryers from Australia July 2011
Having lost 5.8Kg in one week and seeing muscles shaping up gave me the boost that I needed to continue with a weight loss program. The level of fitness achieved in such a short time gave me the motivation to carry on while at home. It was tough, much more than I had anticipated but it was also a lot of fun. The results speak – loudly – for themselves, so it is well worth it.
– John Turtle from the UK September 2011
Astoundingly impressed by the ingenuity and creativity that went into the entire week. Never a dull moment and a perfect balance of tough hard work with fun and entertainment! All trainers excellent and were all very attuned to the capabilities of all the individuals on the ‘team’ their strengths and where necessary their injuries or concerns. Very caring and kind. Thank you very much!
– Clare Cooper from the UK Dec 2011
Just a big thank you The bootcamp I attended the end of September has changed my life I lost 5.3kg at the bootcamp and lost a another 5kg since I been home I now exercise on a regular basis armed with the knowledge I picked up at bootcamp . My life is so much fuller now with Amazing energy levels.
– Sabine Baeyens from Singapore October 2011
“The bootcamp holiday in Thailand was one of the most enjoyable (and ironically) relaxing holidays I’ve ever had. I saw fantastic fat burning and muscle building results and renewed my love for exercise. The food was delicious, the trainers supportive and motivating and surroundings serene. I will definitely be back!”
– Khalia Harding from Hong Kong April 2012
I love how the program takes an holistic, healing approach to health and fitness. Before the camp I was really struggling to get motivated especially about exercise. The bootcamp was a fantastic time to ‘reboot’. My motivation and confidence has increased and I feel like I have so much more energy. I highly recommend the bootcamp! It exceeded all my expectations as a well researched program with caring, talented and passionate instructors who know how to work with the needs of individuals. The spa is gorgeous and even though we worked out constantly I loved how we got to see so much of Chiang Mai. Such a great way to enjoy such a beautiful area of Thailand. I had so much fun.
– Dawn Booth from Japan April 2012
“I attended the fitness holiday bootcamp in April 2012 and what an amazing experience it was! I lost 6.1kg, but more importantly, I kick started my fitness (which had slipped a little over the years) and came home feeling refreshed, re-vitalized and healthier than I have felt in a long time – so many people commented on my glowing skin. Louise and Alexis were wonderful instructors – they really knew how to push us beyond our self-imposed limits, whilst recognizing the very different fitness levels in the group and adapting the program to suit the needs of each individual. The support from the other bootcampers was also very motivating. All this, and I haven’t even mentioned the amazing location – beautiful scenery, healthy food, lovely massages and the wonderful gentle people of Thailand. I was so happy with the experience that I have told all my friends and am even considering signing up for round 2. Thanks Louise, Alexis and the rest of the team.”
– Emma Liddicoat From Australia April 2012
I loved the boot camp, and found it to be more than I expected because it was more than just a physical retreat. The sense of accomplishment after doing some of the hard things was amazing, and I’ve actually considered coming back for my last R&R in July or August. The boot camp is wonderful, and it was one of the best experiences of my life!Thank you for that.
– Beth Sellers May 2012
“The Thailand Fitness Holiday for me was both challenging and rewarding. I learnt how to push myself physically and mentally to achieve my goals. Set in such a beautiful location and run by people that really want to see you achieve your goals. I now have the confidence to set even bigger goals and change my lifestyle to become a healthier & happier person”.
– Becky Watson from Australia May 2012
Hi Louise, just wanted to let you know that i had a great time at the fitness bootcamp. Having lost the 5kg in the week.In terms of fitness, there’s been a huge improvement. My trainer at home commented on my stamina and strength improvement on my return, and we increased the intensity of my work outs. Since the bootcamp kick started my fitness lifestyle. I have completed a sprint distance triathlon (2 hr 10 mins), a 1.5 km open water swim (45 minutes). And have a 40 km bike ride this Sunday. And have signed up for a Olympic distance triathlon in August.I have managed to get leave approved for August, so i will be joining another bootcamp shortly.
– Simei Ng from Singapore June 2012
I had such a fun time at bootcamp! I really enjoyed the activities. My favorite was going to Muay Thai Boxing! It was fun! The whole day out was really good, it almost felt like we were on holiday! The Fitness Holiday trainers are awesome! They had a very good balance of ‘positive’ encouragement and ‘strong’ encouragement. Alexis gave good advise, was never negative and always very supportive, he puts a lot of himself into the bootcamp, which is a nice change to some of the trainers I’ve had in OZ! They also had a very good sense of humor.The results I got were better then I expected! I lost almost 2kg, 3% body fat, some cm’s and also found out my metabolic age is 16! I was happy to have the beep test result improve from 8 to 9, I didn’t think my legs could of moved any quicker! All of my other fitness test results improved too! I feel so fit and strong now! I have never been so lean and I now know I can always push harder! The camp has given me the tools to maintain my new fitness and achieve my new goals. I would defiantly recommend the bootcamp holiday to anyone and would also do it again if given the choice. Thanks! All the best to you, the trainers and the Fresh start team!
– Kristy Ayres from Australia June 2012
Dear Louise,I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that bootcamp was really fantastic. The program was extremely challenging and well put together. Alexis and Anne were truly outstanding. Alexis was the consummate professional and he managed to extract the most out of each of us. Anne was able to constantly coax us to keep going. You have a great team over there. I will definitely be recommending it and most likely will return at some stage. Kind regards, Wendy.
– Wendy Penn from Australia July 2012
Thank you for providing such a wonderful place and the opportunity for people like myself who need motivation and a kick start to a healthier life. It was the perfect setting with wonderful people. As we all know, you cannot beat the Thai hospitality, however, at the Spa Resort they were more than hospitable, they were genuinely caring and interested in our well being. I cannot fault any part of the Resort, food was also excellent and I enjoyed the massages and other treatments.I have joined gyms, boot camps, had personal trainers, tried Curves and so on and so forth, but no one, no one was ever as committed and dedicated as our trainers. The advice and tips on fitness, nutrition etc were of great value to me and I am keen to follow through and keep up what I learned there. Kind regards Jenny Lieser.
– Jenny Lieser From Australia July 2012
You’ll be pleased to know the boot camp has revolutionized my health and I have lost an additional 3kg since leaving the boot camp, weighing in at 63.4kg now. I still continue to drink a glass of cold water both at night and when I get up and am now able to jump out of bed in the mornings rather than roll out like an old lady as the weight loss has reduced the pressure on my spine, since my spines surgery I was never fully functional but now I feel I am almost there! Thank you
– Dee Blackmun from Hong Kong July 2012
The camp has given me the boost to my weight loss that I had hoped for and I also feel full of energy and much more at peace with the world than when I arrived in Chaing Mai. I was encouraged and gently forced to push the limits of the things I thought my body was capable of, congratulated when I did well but never made to feel a failure. I loved the mixture of activities and have tried a number of things that I have not had the opportunity to experience before. You really utilize some lovely facilities. The structure of the week is impressive, just when I thought all I could do now was lie down there would be a gentle yoga session or aqua in the pool to get us going again. The Spa is isolated but for me this was an advantage. There was no temptation to wonder out to the shops and cheat. Not that I really had any temptation to do so because the food that the Spa provided was delicious. Having to make almost no decisions was one of the unexpected pleasures of the week. I also found the beds in the room extremely comfortable, but that may have been because I was so exhausted at the end of each day! I will also let you know if I achieve my goal of finishing a half marathon next June.
– Jackie Sharp from Hong Kong September 2012
The environment was gorgeous and the accommodation was lovely. The food was fresh and nutritious and for the most of it, I wasn’t hungry. Jen was inspirational she got me up the mountain on the bike ride when mentally I was ready to quit and she also stayed with me up the waterfalls. She never let me quit all week and half way through I felt great, strong and determined. We also had a heap of fun at the Muay Thai boxing and that for me was the best session.I had a fabulous time and have found a new zest for life so thank you very much for that.
– Julie Sheppard October 2012
A well designed program supported with healthy diet (raw and vegan options are also available!), variety of fun fitness activities and professional bootcamp leader(s) – Nick/Alexis – to motivate and guide as you sweat it all out!I’d the most fun and fulfilling session with the wonderful team (21-28 Dec 2012) and bonded with amazing folks from Aussie, London, Amsterdam, Shanghai and more (Gemma, David, Stephanie, Raj). Highly recommended for those who loves a fun challenge! xoxo Ps: If a clumsy klutz with poor motor skills coordination (me!) can do it, YOU can do it too!
– Sim Wei Shan from Singapore December 2012
This was my second time to Fresh Start, each camp boosted my fitness and I lost unwanted weight. I recommend it to all who show an interest in health and fitness. All fitness levels are catered for and it’s a bargain!
– Louise Page from Australia January 2013
The Thailand fitness bootcamp was very enjoyable. Alexis is an awesome instructor, very thorough with teaching technique. Not only for results but to prevent injury. The program was well structured and sturdy and pushed us when we needed it. Great loved it!
Lee Forster from Australia February 2013The fitness boot camp program was very diverse. I enjoyed doing a myriad of activities each day plus concentrating on a few. Always engaging that made the experience much more meaningful.
Mark Arrowsmith from Singapore June 2013
The bootcamp holiday was excellent. I really enjoyed the wide range of activities and locations. The trainers were really great and helped to encourage me to do things I did not think I was able ti do. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends.
Kat Hallpike from Singapore June 2013
After going on annual trips with mates, partying it up  and coming home less fit and bloated I wanted a change. The fitness boot camp was a fantastic alternative where I woke up feeling great and going to sleep I felt I had really achieved something for myself. I was eseoacilly impressed that it was an all day workout so you don’t waste time.
Nathan Singth June 2013
Louise-what can I say an awesome week, ‘F’ in hard but surpassed expectations and results. Nick and Alexis were fab and provided motivation, support and humor at the right moments. We had a great group of guys and girls that made the week even more enjoyable. Cheers Graham.
Graham Stephenson from Macau Hong Kong July 2013
I had a good time, this fitness experience has boosted my fitness level. The leaders were awesome, always smiling and they know how far to push everyone. I will definitely recommend this facility and program to others. I love it all. Many Thanks!
Angela Woods from Australia July 2013
I really enjoyed my time at the fitness boot camp. Both our leaders were very positive, fun and gave us a great fitness experience. I also enjoyed the resort and the staff were lovely! It was wonderful finishing each day with a massage!
Sheena Schendel from Singapore July 2013
Great holiday plus a great way to get back in shape. Fantastic trainers who were very motivating. The program really pushes you to the limits. Some sore days but the rewards at the end of the week are well worth the hard work. I loved it!
Steve Doyle from Shanghai  September 2013
I really enjoyed the bootcamp, it is a unique opportunity to improve your fitness in a peaceful environment
Clare Willmot from Australia September 2013
This is my first week of a two week fitness boot camp. The trainers are amazing and really pushed me, which I really needed. The food is so fresh and amazing! Great facilities, great comfy beds, great trainers and a great program. The weight is falling off and I am looking forward to my second week. Bring it on!
Sarah-Jane Oakley from Australia September 2013
Really enjoyed the camp, I tried a lot of new foods and found a lot of new exercises. Really liked the Muay Thai and tennis. Would recommend!
Chris Scraggs September 2013
I came to increase my fitness and endurance levels as well as lose inches on my waist. The leader Louise was so positive and motivating and the instructors helped me push myself when I felt like giving up. The food was incredible and who doesn’t love a massage every other day? Thanks for the push. I am very happy with the results and will definitely recommend the camp to my friends. Cheers!
-Susan Quigley October 2013
I just wanted to send a quick email to say a big Thank you- I had an amazing time!! I have to say, one of the best holidays I have had. Nick and JP were both fantastic and I was pushed far more than I thought possible, but I loved every minute. I am so happy with the results and honestly, can’t wait to go back! I’m already planning my next trip, hopefully April. I did a short video testimonial ( I hope it turned out OK) many Thanks!
Lara Sweida October 2013.
My week at boot camp has been lots of fun. I have really enjoyed myself. The trainers have been very positive and supportive. I have loved all the variety and the challenges. I really enjoyed the bike ride and getting to see all the villages and Chiang Mai. The massages were beautiful as well as the staff at the resort. It has been the best present I could give myself.
Daylene Law from Melbourne Australia October 2013
I had a great time and found out that I am still quite fit. The trainers supported me at all times and I never had to give up midway which was the best for me. I know now much better how to stay fit and memorized many good exercises Chris and J.P. taught me. They even introduced me a new gadget which I am going to buy, Swiss ball. It helped me a lot to do abs. So I am all set now. I hope to be back in the future since we will stay in the area, we will move to Burma next year, so I am not far from Chiang Mai.
– Elisabeth Find from Bangkok October 2013
Fun and creative strategies for a variety of fitness activities.  Challenging workout days but the results more than justify the effort.  Beautiful surroundings, top notch lodging, delicious meals were a nice bonus.  The spa was a welcome nightly respite for massage and sauna.  Instructor Chris was a solid and helpful motivator.
Steve Belkin from America October 2013
It was an excellent experience to me, a big challenge to me and great instructors.  I will return next year and make all my friends do it.
– Ibrahim Alabed from Qatar November 2013
Very good experience.  Instructors were always very helpful and encouraging and quietly correcting techniques as needed.
– Paul Richards from Australia November 2013
Great week!  Feeling more fit and ready to go back and continue with a more intense fitness routine.
– Beth Sellars November 2013
Excellent activities and fantastic instructors.  I loved the food and the Spa, the massage therapists were amazing.  My favourite activities were the Muai Thai boxing, kettlebells and cycling.
– Tracy Bown from Portugal November 2013
JP is an amazing leader, motivating, fun and very caring.  Chris was a wonderful leader and we had a lot of fun.  Overall, I fully enjoyed the week.  I didn’t know what to expect but my expectations were exceeded.  I will do it again next year and bring some friends.
– Alice Van der Voort, from Holland, November 2013
I had an excellent time at Fresh Start Bootcamp.  JP was simply amazing as a trainer and paid individual attention to each of us in the team.  He pushed me, encouraged me and made me feel part of the team.  I got exactly what I came for – a Fresh Start!
Fatma Almandari from Oman November 2013
Excellent programme, really great instructors, motivating and encouraging.
– Annie Loughran from Northern Ireland December 2013
The Fresh Start Fitness Bootcamp was a perfect mix of fitness, discipline, healthy food and extremely helpful instructions from qualified instructors.  Initially, I was skeptical about the range of activities and the possibility of boredom, but the action-packed week was full of different activities with very little repetition.  I also loved how various aspects of Chiang Mai were incorporated into the programme.  All in all, I feel great after seven days and a superb way to end the year.
– Rajiv Desai from United States December 2013
Had a great time!  Good people, good location, I’d recommend this to anyone.
– Dave Woodworth from Canada December 2013
In the bootcamp I tried so many things I would never do back home.  I also made good friends here, which I didn’t expect.  A life changing experience, thank you everyone.
– Hsieh Doris from Hong Kong December 2013
A very postitive experience with full days of activities, good food and comfortable accommodation.  JP was a great instructor, knowledgeable, organised, positive and a great motivator.
– Hugh Oatley from UK January 2014
I had a great week at boot-camp. Nick and Phil were great leaders and gave me the motivation I needed to make it through the week. I feel ready to go home and get back on my fitness schedule! Thank you!
Michele Drummond from UK, April 2014
This is my second time at Fresh Start and both times have been outstanding. I love all the boot-camp leaders as they’re all role models, supportive and motivating. A highlight was the bike ride around the spectacular Chiangmai and the Muay Thai boxing was also incredible. I love all of the variety of activities and the food at the spa resort is so yummy and sings to you. Ten out of ten.
Carrie Bo Lickiss from Australia, May 2014
Excellent, best week ever. I’ll come back.
Mette Poulson from Denmark, July 2014
I enjoyed every minute of my experience. Great instuctors, fun activities and awesome camaraderie.
Vivien Jack from Hong Kong, August 2014
The instructors made all the difference. I will definately be back, bringing my friends with me!
Mavis Chung from Singapore, August 2014
Thailand Fresh Start Bootcamp is an exceptional experience for those who want to push them selves further. Having been to other bootcamps before, this has a much wider spectrum of activities for you to try.
-Humza Jami from Malaysia, August 2014
Had an amazing week, would definately recommend to anyone looking to reboot their body and lifestyle.
-Clarrisa Becker, from Hong Kong, August 2014
Dustin is fantastic. He personalized fitness for each of us. I’ve learned a lot about fitness and nutrition this week.
-Anushka Ratnayate from USA, August 2014.
Amazing results in just one week
-Joann Hu from USA, August 2014
It is amazing what a difference a short week can make! I feel fitter, stronger and motivated to keep it up. Dustin has been an awesome bootcamp leader; very balanced, positive and keeps us going for our best.
-Jessie Loong from Singapore, August 2014
I came here to lose weight and kick start my fitness. Dustin certainly made that a reality. In one week i lost 4.1kg and feel great. Thanks team.
Brett Pitt from Ghana, August 2014
A hard week at boot camp, but thats what i expected. There were no easy days, you make it as easy or as hard as you like. The old saying ‘no pain no gain’ springs to mind, Sweat was my middle name. We had  great encouragement from Richard and Yothin, the boot camp staff.
Tom Charmers, Perth, Australia, lost 5.3kg in 7 days. September 2014.
Good experience and would definately recommend it to my friends. Nice to have a friendly experience. Keep it up and see you soon.
Pavan Schroff, UK, lost 6cm from her waist in 7 days, September 2014.
Very happy with my results, pretty much exactly what i expected the weight loss and body change i hoped for in one week of my starting weight of 124kg. Very supportive staff. Richard treats you like an adult and lets you make your own decisions but is supportive and enirely lacking in bootcampesque, cheerleadery abruptness. I feel stronger and know i am fitter. On the first day i struggled to walk up the hill to the entrance, now i don’t even think twice and feel like a machine!
-Bill Tolley, USA, lost 2.5kg, lost 6.4% body fat, gained 6% muscle and lost 6.5cm from his waist in only 5 days!! October 2014.
Very challenging but great support without pressure and varied daily workouts. Amazing experience and helpful staff and team. Thank you.
Gaynor Boyce, UK. October 2014
Really well structured programme, each day looks a bit intimidating, but once underway it was enjoyable and the group was really supportive. Richard and Kenny were fabulous leaders, which made it so much easier.
Wendy Shortridge, Scotland (living in Singapore). Lost 2.5kg,  4cm off  of her waist and 2% body fat.  October 2014
Extraordinary building of friends, team, relationships and comradarie. Great leaders, Richard and Kenny gave me the results and statistics i needed.
Matti Karinen, Finland (living in China), lost 4.5KG’s and 6% overall body fat. October 2014
Camp exceeded my expectations! Never perspirated so much in my life and had fun doing it! Great variety of exercises, challenges and team building exercises, were well planned . Was great to have daily massages to reset the hyperness after training and working out muscle aches.
-Patricia Schultz, USA. Lost 5% body fat and lost 4.6cm from her waist. October 2014.

I have had the privilege of meeting Richard, Dustin and Kenny over the past week and all of them are seriouly positive motivators. One can only get fitter and healthier here!
Kah Chan Wong, Singapore(living in Germany).  lost 4.5 kg
I have had a great week at Fresh Start. The people participating, Dustin as leader and all the  varied  activities were great! It was a challenging and fun week. I am motivated to keep cardio and strength training going and leave today feeling happy and strong.
-Sarah Lucianek, USA. October 2014 
Fantastic experience with a great mix of sports & activities. Nick and Kenny were awesome, great team. The food was really nice and the venue is very good. Great initiative. I will surely come back!
-Glenn huybrecht , Belgium. November 2014
I really enjoyed my time & experience here. Nick and Kenny were great, really enthusiastic and encouraging. I learnt a lot about food and different types of training regimes that I plan to implement back home. Overall, never boring, heaps of fun nd the right balance.
-Vasko Stojcevski, Australia. November 2014.
All the days are tough but it is amazing what the body can do when there is variety, fun laughter and you put your mind to it.
And at the end of a long day The Spa sticks your body back together again ready for the next day.
Martin Macmillan. December 2014
Many thank to Kenny, Tom and Kitty for such an amazing time! the bootcamp was fantastic, great fun, good and hard workouts. The diversity of the exercises was excellent. There was a real team feeling and the entire week was very motivationg. The team were pushing me exactly at points where I tend to give up when exercising. A great experience! Highly recommenable and would  definitely come back. Thanks to all of you!
-Katja Sculze, December 2014. Lost 3 kilos in 7 days

Once again, thanks for a great week. I had a lot of fun this week as well and I can’t believe I have been here 2 weeks already. You have done a great job putting this program together!

– Camilla Mattsson, Singapore. December 2014.
Well organised, well trained and educated instructors. Good program a lot of variances, different levels helps to increase and motivate myself. Nice location and nice environment.
-Bjoen Ziehrock, Germany. December 2014
Amazing experience. Tom and Phil were great instructors (I can not fault them). Encouraging but not too authoritative. Wide range of activities. I am taking a lot back with me including nutrition advice. The week has changed my  attitude to fitness and nutrition and I would visit again. I think Tom is especially good and I am not sure I would have pushed myself as much.
-Anne Cunningham, the UK. January 2015
  Instructors were great and kept us all motivated. The variety was good as not much was repeated.
Puranda Rao. Lost 6 kilos January 2015
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