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10 good reasons to attend a bootcamp for fitness in Thailand

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Doi Suthep Temple at the bootcamp for fitness Thailand

Visit golden temples

Are you longing for a healthier new you? But feel like you need to get away to achieve this?If the answer is yes then we think we can help. Here are our top 10 good reasons for attending our Fresh Start bootcamp for fitness in Thailand.

Maybe its time to try a new approach to kick starting your fitness regime by attending a holiday fitness boot camp in Thailand. Thailand is a magnet for travelers the world over. However, you may be less familiar with the fitness boot camps available there.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should attend a bootcamp for fitness in Thailand:

  1. 1.Thailand is vibrant country. Situated in South East Asia. The main religion Buddhism plays a very important role in the culture of Thailand. Buddhist temples can be found throughout the country and play a central role in the local communities.


  1. Thailand is a cheap holiday destination; it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. The currency in Thailand is Thai baht and has very good exchange rates with the pound. For example, a hamburger in Thailand can cost 40p compared to £1 in the UK. Although, we don’t think it’s a healthy idea to be eating hamburgers.
  1. Thai food is enjoyed all around the world, but never tastes better than when it has been freshly cooked in
    bootcamp food is healthy

    Healthy food

    Thailand itself. Thai dishes are renowned for having incredible health benefits, with many of the herbs and spices used in the food containing disease fighting power.

  1. Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the largest of which is located in Phuket and it’s also the most popular. However with so much variety of scenery and atmosphere in Thailand, everybody can find their holiday wishes fulfilled.
  1. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport of Thailand. It is a close contact martial arts utilizing the entire body.We are lucky enough to have Alexis Gamiz Lazo on our team of leaders. Alexis is a Muay Thai trainer and champion.
  1. Thailand is known as “Land of Smiles” for many reasons.  Not only do tourists love to visit this country
    The Spa Resort home of the bootcamp holiday Thailand

    Genuine hospitality

    because of its natural beauty and the richness of history but the people in Thailand are welcoming, kind and a joy to be around.  You can be expect to be welcomed with open arms which is a gesture you need if you are choosing to visit Thailand for the first time by yourself.

  1. With its tropical climate, Thailand enjoys year round warmth and humidity. Chiang Mai and other northern regions of Thailand have cooler, milder weather throughout the year compared to the southern and central Thailand. Our bootcamp for fitness is based in Chiang Mai. What better way to exercise then by going outdoors to take in the sunshine, fresh air and beautiful scenery. You can free your mind from stress and soak up the vitamin D.
  1. Thailand is home to some of the luxurious spas in the world where you can expect to be treated like royalty as you get pampered.  There are fitness boot camps located on health spa’s so after a long day burning the calories what better way to relax than with a massage.
  1. A  bootcamp for fitness offers no cultural concerns because you can expect to be taught by a western
    Alexis and Nick our holiday bootcamp instructors in Thailand

    Only the best instructors

    fitness profession.  This is because many of the qualified fitness professionals too love the Thai lifestyle and choose to live in this beautiful country.  You can therefore expect no language or cultural barriers.

  1. The hustle and bustle of day to day life can be very demanding and there is very little time to escape.  It has been proven that even a short break away from routine and normality can clear your mind and body.  What better way to recharge your batteries than to attend a fitness boot camp in Thailand.  Not only are there lots of activities to enjoy, but when you feel yourself getting out of breath take a moment to breathe in the exotic surroundings.  Getting fit has never felt so glamorous.

In 2013 why not try a new approach to your fitness regime by joining the Fresh Start bootcamp for fitness in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.

Hear what Ben had to say about his bootcamp for fitness experience.

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