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Best way to stay healthy

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best way to stay healthy

best way to stay healthyFun Ways to Get in Shape!

As the summer approaches and the beach beckons, people around the  Northern hemisphere are scrambling to get our bodies and minds ready  for the hot sunny days and afternoons spent at the beach. Many of us are also looking at the winter bulge around our waists, and noticing that we may be a bit out of breath when we climb the stairs.


It’s the perfect time to get back on track and start to cleanse and heal our bodies in time for skimpy bikinis and summer vacations. Here are some of the most popular – and most fun – ways to get and stay healthy this holiday season.

1. Just juice it! A juice cleanse can help to get your body and mind in perfect shape. A juice cleanse allows you to take all of those delicious, abundant fruits and vegetables just coming into season and turn them into vital fuel for your body. While you may feel a little bit hungry on your first day, by day 3 or 5 you will be lean, replenished and on track to health.peaceful-442070_640


2. All about the yoga and meditation. By focusing on your mind as much as your strength and fitness, you can de-stress and relax, allowing your body to reach its optimal health. Many yoga and meditation courses are offered around the world, including here in Thailand. A perfect way to get in balance – and get in shape.


3. Do what you love. Is working out in a sweaty gym not working out for you? Do you get bored staring at the wall mounted TVs and count down the minutes until your grueling elliptical session is over? Then get outdoors and do what you love! Hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, snow boarding and even hula hooping are all ways to get your heart pumping, your blood flowing and to stay healthy while having fun.

lake walk and workout on Thursday's

Fabulous lake walk and workout


4. Take a vacation. You read that right: taking a vacation is a popular way to stay healthy! Keeping yourself happy and motivated can include a trip to an exotic locale, particularly if there is exercise and healthy eating habits involved. Many people choose to take a fitness boot camp holiday to Thailand, such as Fresh Start Boot Camp, in the spring and summer, and they are rewarded with travel, excitement – and a lean, mean bod.


5. Rescue Fido! Rescuing a canine friend in need can be a huge motivator – your pup will demand that you get up early each morning and get outdoors. Special harnesses exist for Fido so that you can jog and cycle with him in tow. Your mood, body and local shelter will thank you

As you can see – popular ways to stay healthy do not always involve calorie counting and grueling hours at the gym. We highly recommend that you kickstart your health and fitness by coming to visit us here at Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Boot Camp, located in gorgeous, safe and friendly Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our bootcamp is guaranteed to change your body – and your life – forever.



Here at Fresh Start Thailand Fitness Bootcamp, we make sure we apply all of those tips into our program. We guarantee your holiday with us will never be bored. If you have any question please feel free to contact us, we are waiting here to show you the best way to stay healthy.

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