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10 apple benefits and why they are the perfect health snack

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we give out boot camp guests a healthy apple snack each day
10 apple benefits

Fresh Start Apple Snack

Visitors to Thailand come for a variety of reasons for business, for the culture, to visit friends and family and of course to experience the wonderful Thai food. Travelers to Thailand love the wide selection of fruit which is plentiful and diverse. The tropical climate is perfect for the growth of  these fruits including apples.  Apples grow in abundance in Thailand and are a perfect health snack. We give them to our boot campers because they are easily transportable, fit easily into our guests rucksacks and are the perfect pre and post exercise fuel to keep our guests going during the day. Here are our 10 apple benefits and why we love them at fresh Start.

10 apples benefits and why they are the perfect health snack

1)Eating an apple before you exercise will boost your exercise endurance. Apples deliver an antioxidant called quercetin, which aids endurance by making oxygen more available to the lungs, studies have  shown that querceti can help people bike longer.

2) They quench your thirst, great and refreshing in hot counties.

3)We all need to eat a piece of fruit a day so we are cultivating good eating habits at our boot camp. They are the perfect snack.

4)Full of anti oxidants.

5)Full of fiber, which is great for constipation and keeping your regular.

6)They stabilize blood sugar. This is important for our guests because some of them will be used to eating lots of sugar and refined foods which spike blood sugar levels.

7)They detoxify the liver, and at our retreat we like to encourage clean and healthy eating.

8)They are very filling!

9) They are full of vitamin C which is great when you are putting your body through so much exercise.

10) Very importantly they promote weight loss by boosting calorie burn and increasing muscle. They are then perfect pre and post workout fuel, much much better than a cereal bar.

Here at the Fresh Start fitness retreat in Thailand we give our boot camp guests an apple every day.

You know what they say ”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”!

Louise Co-Founder at Fresh Start

Louise Co-Founder Of Fresh Start

To your good health


from the Fresh Start

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