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10 Simple Secrets to Longevity

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10 Simple Secrets to Longevity

Thailand fitness resort takes a look at 10 simple secrets to longevity

You may be concerned about your longevity as you start getting older. Fortunately, there are things you can do right now that will help improve your longevity and your health no matter what your previous lifestyle has been like!

1. Eat Natural Foods

Natural foods provide the best form of nutrition for your body. The closer to nature the food is, the more readily your body can take in the nutrition. Eating organic is the best option if possible, but eating any fruits or vegetables will nourish your body from the inside-out. Make sure you’re properly cleansing your fruits and vegetables before eating them to remove any harmful residues, especially if it isn’t organic.
Many processed foods are full of chemicals and additives that are potentially harmful to your health. Next time you prepare a meal or grab something at the store, take a moment to read the label. Can you even pronounce the ingredients? The fewer ingredients listed, and the more natural ingredients there are, the better for you the food will be. The best option is to eat fresh foods you can prepare at home, but if you do consume convenience foods, try to select options that have ingredients you can pronounce and recognize as real foods.

2. Drink Only in Moderation

While there are studies that show drinking in small amounts, especially red wine, can be beneficial—anything in excess can be bad. Drinking heavily or often can reduce your body’s immune function and adds a considerable amount of calories to your diet. You’re also more likely to make poor choices such as eating the wrong foods or participating in risky behaviors if you drink to the point of intoxication. If you do choose to drink, opt for antioxidant rich red wine, which offers the most health benefits when consumed in moderation.

10 Simple Secrets to Longevity

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3. Get Moving

Exercising promotes longevity by improving your body’s efficiency and making your mind healthier and happier in the process. People who lead active lifestyles live considerably longer than people who remain sedentary most of the time. You don’t have to dedicate hours a day to the gym. Even something as simple as a thirty minute walk every day can go a long way in improving your longevity. Movement also breeds an active lifestyle. The more you consciously make yourself move, the more your body will want to move without you even thinking about it!


4. Find Support

It may not seem like something directly connected to longevity, but having a positive support network will help you stay committed to a healthier lifestyle and will help promote happiness. In times of struggle, having a support network can help you rebound more quickly. Your support network could be family, friends, coworkers, an online community, or even found in a wellness retreat like ours!

5. Eat Fewer Calories

But make sure you’re still eating enough calories. Several studies have linked low calorie diets with longevity. Some of these studies have been conducted on extremely low calories, which we don’t recommend without close supervision by a doctor. However, most people can stand to cut back on their calorie intake and see health benefits. Even reducing your intake by just 200 calories can help. The more food and calories you put into your body, the harder your body has to work to do something with those calories. People often associate calories with their energy level, but many people find their energy level increases with a reduction in calories and decreases with an increase. Just make sure the calories that you do take in are nutrient dense to help properly fuel your body.

6. Get a PetPuppy

If you can and enjoy being around animals, consider getting a pet. People with pets, particularly with dogs, tend to live longer than people without pets. This is thought to be because pets give us a purpose and have a calming effect on people. Petting a dog can reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, making them an excellent part of a healthy lifestyle for people considered about their health and longevity. Dogs need regular walks and attention in order to be healthy and their owners move more and make healthier choices as a result.



7. Enjoy a Cup of Tea or Coffee

woman drinking coffeeBoth tea and coffee have been shown to have longevity boosting benefits. Both contain antioxidants to help the body purge dangerous toxins taken in through unhealthy foods and the environment. Drinking four (reasonably sized, not giant!) cups of coffee a day has been linked to a reduced risk of type two diabetes, cancer, and even a decreased risk of depression.
Similarly, people who drink at least five cups of tea a day are less likely to develop cancer or heart disease than people who don’t consume tea. Use caution with both of these drinks, however, because many do contain caffeine. While small amounts of caffeine can be good for you, too much caffeine can disrupt sleep, increase your heart rate, or make you feel nauseous.

8. Boost Your Brain

Spend some time learning something new or visiting new and exciting places to help keep your brain young. Often the brain begins to age and slow down due to lack of stimulation, rather than getting older. If you’re stuck inside, try doing games that require brain power such as Sudoku or one of the many mind games available to help keep your brain young.
Reading is also very good for your brain and improving your longevity because it promotes thought and encourages people to learn knew interests, which may lead to gaining new experiences or living more active lifestyles.

9. Slow Down

While learning new things and keeping an active lifestyle can help keep you young, going non-stop can be bad. Packing too much into your day and always going non-stop can increase your stress and promotes lack of sleep or poor eating habits while on the go. Try blocking out even just an hour a day to relax and unwind. Meditate, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea sitting outside, do some relaxing yoga—do anything relaxing that you enjoy, for you. The key is to press pause and step away from all the demands of your life that stress you out so you can reset your brain. Once you learn how to really utilize this time to relax, you’ll find all your activities seem much more enjoyable and your stress level is greatly reduced.

10. Do What Makes YOU happy

The ultimate secret to longevity is realizing what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Find your true passion and feed it, along with a healthy lifestyle and you’ll be rewarded with greater longevity and happiness!



Our fitness resort aims to cultivate healthy habits and positive thought   processes. We believe a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle is rewarded by happiness and longevity. What makes you happy?

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