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Discover the new healthier you in magical Thailand
You bring the drive and determination and we provide the rest
You'll love our mouth watering menu
We work together to achieve our individual goals
Get fit, lose weight and re-charge your batteries
Our program was designed by Richard Thomas who served as a physical training instructor in the elite Royal Marines
Results come to those who go beyond their limits
The number one bootcamp holiday in Thailand with life changing results
Experience the fun and camaraderie with our global community of like minded people
Experience the beauty of Thailand's rolling hills and countryside
Not just the first step but a positive leap to the fitness levels you've been promising yourself
Unless you are ready to achieve your goals, look away now
The location is simply incredible just like our results
Enjoy the cultural delights of Chiang Mai

Magical Fitness Holiday Boot Camp in Thailand

Our Fresh Start fitness holiday residential boot camps in Thailand are all about YOU, our guest. We promise our team will help you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals and recharge your batteries in a magical setting.

See your fitness and energy levels soar, those extra inches melt away and your whole body tone up when you take part in our bootcamp retreat program!

Come and be inspired by our team of passionate and caring fitness experts and be pampered by the staff at the luxury Spa Health Resort in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand.

Success Stories

Tony our Australian bootcamp participant attended our fit camp for 14 days 2013.
Here are his results after 14 days.
Weight Loss: 5.6 kilos
Body Fat % Loss:3.5 (start 13.5% finish 10%)
Cm’s lost from his waist: 8 Cm’s

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What Can You expect?

Our ALL INCLUSIVE Thailand fitness boot camp includes luxury pool side accommodation, airport transfers to our resort, action packed daily boot camp schedule and a healthy mouth-watering menu from our award winning restaurant. Your life enhancing getaway will also include daily nutritional drinks, massages and fat burning saunas. Our boot camp holidays have now become so popular that we run them every week of the year, so you can come for as long as you like to maximize your fitness, health and weight loss goals. We also have bootcamp activity days, so why not come and see us for just a day!

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Surround Yourself in Nature


A trip of a life time!

Your trip will let you experience first-hand the amazing beauty of the lush tropical Thai countryside. While on your retreat you will be able to visit golden temples, enchanting lakes, nature trails, and an elephant reserve. Your visit will take you to breath taking waterfalls, cultural Thai villages and picturesque rice paddy fields. Thailand is rich in culture and incredible beauty; you still have time to enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer.

Simply the Best Thailand Fitness Boot Camp

We have put together the very best team, facilities and location for our fitness holidays. We have helped hundreds of people to achieve their fitness goals and transform their lives. Our team of expert instructors will be there to support and encourage you all the way through your transformation. We will always take into consideration people’s differing goals, aims and experience.

We Are Here to Encourage You Every Step of the Way

Fitness holidays get you fit and help you lose weight

We are with you all the way!

We will help, coach and reassure you every step of the way. This is why our results are second to none. Please don’t worry if losing weight is not your goal in attending, we see huge improvements in everyone’s overall fitness levels during their stay with us. Our aim is to provide you with all of the tools you need to achieve your goals and to ensure that once you leave our fitness program, you can continue to practice all that you have learned while you are here.

We Have Chosen the Perfect Location

We have chosen an outstanding resort for your life changing experience. The Spa Resort Chiang Mai is one of the top 10 health destinations in Asia. Set amongst a beautiful mature mango orchard, with bamboo groves and an amazing tropical garden setting. The resort is set in the beautiful Thai countryside away from the hustle and bustle of Chiang Mai city. We feel it is important to feel closer to nature as your body gets healthier and stronger. Our program offers colourful sunrises and sunsets that will have you jumping for joy, ponds, running streams, waterfalls, and a gentle breeze to help keep you cool during your stay with us.

The Spa Resort home of the fresh start fitness retreat

Idyllic luxury location and accommodation

The area boasts the mildest temperatures and unspoiled landscapes in Thailand. We have two swimming pools, outside exercise track, tennis court and an exercise sala with incredible views across the beautiful Thai landscape. We feel that we have left no stone unturned, no avenue unexplored and can provide you with the best possible environment to reach your fitness and weight loss goals in a friendly and relaxing environment.

To your very good health and happiness, Richard and Louise, the founders of the Fresh Start Fitness bootcamp  holidays in Thailand. The original Chiang Mai Thailand boot camp established in January 2010. So are now proud to say we are 5 years old!

How you’ll get fit

How you'll get fit
What’s included in your experience? What isn’t!?

Amazing facilities

Hard work, superior care
The Spa Health Resort offers outstanding facilities for your fitness retreat.

Fitness, health, diet

Fitness, health, diet
Its not just our fitness bootcamp holidays that we blog about…

Success Stories

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Check out our incredible success stories!

One of the best things I have done to support my weight loss journey thus far. I received so much support and encouragement I can’t wait to come back again. This has shown me how fit I am and what my potential has been.

Deb Fryers from Australia July 2011

Astoundingly impressed by the ingenuity and creativity that went into the entire week. Never a dull moment and a perfect balance of tough hard work with fun and entertainment! All trainers excellent and were all very attuned to the capabilities of all the individuals on the ‘team’ their strengths and where necessary their injuries or concerns. Very caring and kind. Thank you very much!

Clare Cooper from the UK Dec 2011

I lost 4cm’s around my waist! The variety of activities kept us challenged. The Spa Resort is GREAT with one of the best menu’s I have ever seen in regards to healthy ingredients. I also rated the teachers 5 out of 5! Great job guys!

Francois Leblanc from Dubai April 2010

Having lost 5.8Kg in one week and seeing muscles shaping up gave me the boost that I needed to continue with a weight loss program. The level of fitness achieved in such a short time gave me the motivation to carry on while at home. It was tough, much more than I had anticipated but it was also a lot of fun. The results speak – loudly – for themselves, so it is well worth it.

Sabine Baeyens from Singapore October 2011

Just a big thank you The bootcamp I attended the end of September has changed my life I lost 5.3kg at the bootcamp and lost a another 5kg since I been home I now exercise on a regular basis armed with the knowledge I picked up at bootcamp . My life is so much fuller now with Amazing energy levels.

John Turtle from the UK September 2011

The Thailand Bootcamp was one of the most amazing fitness challenges I have ever done with the BEST results I have ever seen in 7 days! I’m thrilled with my weight loss of 3kg and have not been 54kg since my early 20?s! I’ll be back in a few months to do it again!

Lucy Johnson from the UK Feb 2010

The Fitness Holiday Thailand Bootcamp was one of the most enjoyable (and ironically) relaxing holidays I’ve ever had. I saw fantastic fat burning and muscle building results and renewed my love for exercise. The food was delicious, the trainers supportive and motivating and surroundings serene. I will definitely be back!

Khalia Harding from Hong Kong April 2012

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